September 25, 2023

ID001 – Issacharian Daughters

Monday, 4 September 2006

Dear Girls,

Issacharian Daughters

This is the first of what I hope will be many emails of encouragement to young ladies like myself: girls who have come out of the workforce or left university to come home. In 2001 and 2002 while I was travelling in the USA, the Lord taught me many things (my testimony about this time is attached). The end result was that I came home and put my efforts towards the following endeavours:

1. helping Dad in his ministry to home educators;

2. helping Mum with her work around the home;

3. working on home-making skills;

4. preparing for marriage;

5. building and strengthening family relationships;

6. deepening my relationship with God;

7. encouraging other girls.

When I got back to New Zealand I noticed that while the Lord had been working in me while I was in the USA, He had also been working in my parents as well. As time went by, I noticed that He was working in other girls and other parents up and down the country too. What a blessing to discover that in this world where independence, individualism and selfishness are all encouraged, I was not alone in my efforts to reject the ways of the world and to try to discover a more Biblical path for daughters!

You are not alone either. There are many of us out here forging a path of visionary daughterhood (pioneering away with machete in hand to cut a path for ourselves—and girls to come—with Scripture and our parents as our guide and the occasional example of another girl from the USA or some other far off port!). Just think of the sweet fellowship we can have if we network together and get to know one another! It could encourage and strengthen us for the work we have in our role as daughters.

This is the purpose of these emails: fellowship and encouragement as well as exhortation. To this end I would love to send out the following sorts of things in these emails:

1. articles, links, testimonies, book recommendations, quotes, etc.;

2. teachings from our mothers and other Titus 2 women (and fathers too!);

3. writings from my pen. I have been home for nearly four years and was anticipating going home for another year and a half prior to that. During that time I’ve experienced various feelings, thoughts, pressures, opportunities, persecutions, learning experiences, etc., that are likely to be felt by us all as we start on this path. I’d like to share what I have learned with you Issacharian Daughters!

4. Introductions from yourselves…not necessary…but it would be neat! You could simply give your name and general location. Or you could answer some or all of these questions too: Have you made the move home? What prompted it? What is your family structure like? What have you learned since coming home?

5. Responses you have to these emails; questions and answers on daughterhood.

These emails are under the oversight of my parents and due to their encouragement. It is my desire to primarily encourage you to honour and obey your parents. Please bear that in mind in any introductions, comments or questions you direct to me for inclusion in these emails.

For the Greater Glory of God through our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ,

Genevieve Smith

Issacharian Daughter


I have sent this email to girls who have embraced a vision of victorious daughterhood as well as those who may be thinking about doing so (and even to some girls who may just like some encouragement regarding different areas of home life). Some of the girls are in the USA. Most are in New Zealand. You are welcome to forward this email on to others so long as you do so in its entirety. If you do not want to receive these emails please just send a return email to me stating that fact. If you know of other girls who would be encouraged by receiving these emails, feel free to forward the email to them or send me their email address.