September 22, 2023

Getting Started – Curriculum and Resources

There are many Christian and secular programmes available, both from overseas and from NZ, and many parents simply make up their own programme as they go. One of the best resources is the public library. Once you are officially home schooling, you will also have access to the National Library, to which only teachers normally have access. Friends, neighbours, relations, local support groups all have expertise in many areas, just waiting for you to tap into it all! There are also electronic networks for locating used curriculum materials and other resources to buy or borrow.

Do I have to provide a desk, blackboard and lots of wall space to display work?
Only if you intend to run your homeschool as if it were a classroom. Children do like a measure of regularity and routine, so having an area set aside specifically for formal instruction is a good idea. The kitchen table will do. A favourite easy chair with the child sitting on your lap will amaze you at how it tends to lengthen the attention span. And remember that a walk in the garden or sitting out under a tree or going fishing together can create an ideal environment for passing on some of the most important lessons a parent could ever pass on to his child.