Do you think kids are out of control at school?


We didn’t see this poll until it had closed. The results are clear though.

Do you think kids are out of control at school?
Yes (1525 votes, 16.5%)

Yes – it’s the parents’ fault (2988 votes, 32.4%)

Yes – bring back the cane (3815 votes, 41.4%)

No (310 votes, 3.4%)

No – it’s always been like this (588 votes, 6.4%)

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One thought on “Do you think kids are out of control at school?

  1. I work with children of all ages,young and old, we are all children under the sun.They come to me for answers and i give them only options, which they can choose, to help them live life and that they can wear only one true smile, on their face,and thats from the heart.Home schooling in communitys, run by x teachers, parents and anyone else who thinks from the heart,that is whats needed out here for my children and generations to come.The kids of today, run the homes. The parents feel helpless and one person in our goverment, has taken their athority away.the children are running roit, what the next generation going to be like. what we create today, we may leave tomorrow. as i said i deal with so many people,from all different walks of life,it hard when you loose a few along the way, thats sad. yes our kids are out of control, and y! because there is no control at home, and it is taken to school. Thank you for letting me share a veiw.

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