June 8, 2023

The Rock From Which We Were Hewn

A documentary telling the history of the battles to win the right to home educate in the US- to be released in 2009.


  1. It is available now!

    I talked to Steve Ong today on the telephone and ordered a copy of the DVD and am dropping my payment in the mail to the address listed below.

    Here is what he said about purchasing it:

    Retail price is $18.00(USDollars)
    Our introductory offer is $10.00/ plus shipping and handling of $3.00 Call if you have questions or to place and order.

    Steve Ong
    Chambers College Press
    1300 9th Street
    Greely, CO 80631 USA
    Telephone number in Greely, Colorado USA:
    Email address: chamberscollege@msn.com