July 4, 2022

Genevieve’s Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake

The cake, Genevieve’s dress,  Charmagne’s dress, Kaitlyn’s dress, Grace’s dress and Barbara’s outfit were all make by Charmagne. Charmagne also designed all the dresses and pattern drafted them. She also designed the Maiden Daughters dresses and made a pattern for each individual girl and cut out all their dresses and made up two of them.


  1. That cake looks so spectacular. I am such a big fan of this wedding cake

  2. admin says:

    Thanks Christmas Wedding 2008. Our daughter Charmagne did a great job. It is 7 fruit cakes which were made 2 months before the wedding. Then Charmagne put on a layer of Almond icing, then a layer of white icing a week before the wedding. All the rest was done the day before the wedding when we were setting up the for the reception.

  3. Fruit Cakes are the specialty of my grandmother, she bakes lots of fruit cakes.`:;

  4. Diego Gray says:

    i love those german fruit cakes because they have more nuts in it .,

  5. Hand Winch says:

    this december, fruit cakes are becoming more common in our local supermarket. i love fruit cakes *”-


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