June 8, 2023



For Home Educating Mothers:

Come…find Rest

So often we try hard to fix every problem, solve every dilemma, soothe every worry, fight every battle … running hither and thither … filling every need.Jesus came to give us peace. He calls us to come to Him and have rest. It is through Him, by Him, that our homes will be built and lives transformed. Let us look to Him, trust Him, ask Him, follow Him and imitate Him. Let peace reign in our hearts and homes and let our homes reflect His glory.

26 – 28 June

Totara Springs Christian Centre
Taihoa North Road

Here is a brochure for you to download and print out:



  1. Jenny Mills says

    Hi. I am very interested in attending the HEART RETREAT but am unabale to click on the link and download the brochure. Is that because I have VISTA? Would you be able to email it to me please at rjmills@xtra.co.nz


  2. Jenny,
    Have just email you a link to the HEART Retreat

  3. Colleen Kaluza says

    Hi, I am just going to be starting Homeschooling in the new term… heard about this retreat and wonder if there’s still space?

  4. Barbara

    Trying to track down the organizers for the 2010 conference. Can’t seem to find this out on the web. Could you forward me a contact or point me in the right direction. Thanks David