September 21, 2023

The Adventure of Missionary Heroism

The Adventure of Missionary Heroism

Authors: John C. Lambert and Joshua M. Wean
Format: Hardback (374 pages)

I think there are also a lot of parents who want to expose their children to the stories of missionaries. We’ve come across a book called The Adventures of Missionary Heroism. This is a hardback story book that includes a number of compelling accounts. These are great stories of men and women who risked it all to bring the good news of Jesus to other people. This would be a great book for parents to read aloud to younger children or you could assign this book to your older readers and have them read a chapter or a different story each week. This would be great summer time reading or great for family worship. —Bob Lepine of FamilyLife Today

Among the annals of missionary service around the world are countless true stories of intrepid men and women who are little known today but who endured innumerable dangers, toils, tragedies, and triumphs for the sake of the Gospel. These are not make-believe narratives or fictional tales, but stirring adventures of godly men and women braving wild animals, shipwrecks, and savage natives — all for the sake of sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. Welcome to The Adventure of Missionary Heroism! Originally published in 1907, this book will become a favorite family read-aloud as you discover thrilling accounts of missionaries facing hardship with courage and unwavering faith in their Lord while they explore new lands and share the Gospel with fierce pagans.

Travel with Dr. Chamberlain on his medical journeys through the jungles of India as he outwits tigers and serpents, or live with Stephen and Mary Riggs as they labor among the Sioux Indians. Follow Alexander Mackay through his extraordinary efforts in darkest Africa, or set sail with the intrepid James “Tamate” Chalmers and stand bravely by his side among the headhunters of New Guinea. May the stories of those who have gone before and been found worthy of eternal glory inspire Christians, young and old alike, to give their all for Christ. Certain to fascinate old and young readers alike!

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