September 27, 2023

PhD study on Home Education in New Zealand

PhD study on Home Education in New Zealand

Parental Choice and Education:

The Practice of Homeschooling  in New Zealand

By Leo Roach



Home schooling is a viable alternative to the state school’s approach to education, says veteran teacher, former principal and now Doctor of Education Leo Roache.

Read his Thesis here:


  1. Cheryl Calloway says


    I would like to say thankyou for the study by Mr Leo Roache on Home Education. I really enjoyed reading it online.

    I am currently home educating my ten year old son, and I am interested in researching a PhD on some aspects of home education. I am a resident of New Zealand, and have been a lecturer in the U.K. I would like to contact Mr Roach if possible to discuss some ideas for further research into this fascinating area of education.

    Could you please give me contact details?