September 29, 2023

Sign the petition against the abolishment of homeschooling in Sweden

Sign the petition

against the abolishment of

homeschooling in Sweden

The Swedish parliament is supposed to vote about this bill on 21 and 22 June, 2010. A YES to this bill will not only mean the virtual abolishment of homeschooling in Sweden (the law will essentially become German), but also an end to the freedom of education for private schools.

A million of NO’s from all of us over the world is now necessary!

Please forward this link to the petition page of the Swedish HS association.
The petition page is in English.


  1. Sarah Ford says

    I have “homeschooled” my three children for 9 years (although we are not at home much!) They learn joyfully, playfully, they follow their many interests and passions. We spend time in nature, at libraries and museums, helping in the community. We cook and clean together. Friends come by every day, and we have many clubs and classes. This is true, natural learning as it is meant to be, without coercion and rewards. We have a vibrant community of friends and activites and plenty of down-time. We do very little “school” work yet they test above grade level. Books and arts are everywhere in the house (and no TV). They care for our animals and tend the garden. I highly recommend homeschooling for avoiding the over-conformity and stress of school and overscheduling, and maintaining the innate curiosity and love of learning. which is just like breathing to children. By the way it is great for the kids’ relationships and the whole family’s closeness.

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