Workshop in Timaru: 28 April 2010

Wednesday 28 April 2010

Workshop in Timaru

Contact: Rachel, 03 686-3393 or Please register by Friday 23 April by contacting  Rachel Little and indicating which Elective in which Session you would like to do.  Many thanks

Venue: Connect Community Church,  Intersection of College Road and Harper Street, Timaru

Cost: $5 per family per session or $15 per family for all the 4 sessions to be paid at the door on arrival

We are working on activities downstairs for younger children (under 10s) for the 2 afternoon sessions, and a children’s dvd for the evening session, but parents are still responsible for their own children being settled.

Please bring a plate to share for afternoon tea, and if you are staying for the dinner time, you are welcome to bring your own food – kitchen available

Programme:   1.45 pm    Arrive and welcome  

Session One 2.00  pm

Elective 1  Craig Smith –  “Home Education – Getting Things Into Perspective” (Schooling v Education, Character Training, Tutoring/Mentoring, Developing Vision)

Elective 2  Barbara Smith – “Avoiding Burnout – Keeping Going with the Going Gets Tough” (Symptoms, Causes and Strategies)”

3.30pm    Afternoon tea    

Session Two 4.00pm

Elective 1  Craig Smith – “Choosing and Developing Own Curriculum”

Elective 2  Barbara Smith – Training Our Children’s Minds – The Tools of Learning and Motivation” (Grammar, Logic and Rhetoric Stages of a Classical Hebrew/Interpersonal Education)

5.30 pm  Break and Bring Your Own Dinner Time

HEF Resource Table    

Session Three 6.30 pm

Elective 1 Craig Smith – “Dad’s Essential Role in Home Education – from a Christian Perspective”

Elective 2  Barbara Smith – “Books, Great Books and More Books – Creating Your Own Library ” and “The Vital Nature of Reading Aloud”

Session Four 7:35 pm


Craig Smith  – “Home Educating Through Secondary and Preparing for Tertiary Education and the Workforce”

8:35 pm   Short testimonies to encourage us from parents/young adults who have transitioned successfully into tertiary/workforce – very welcome.

Question & Answer Time

9:00 pm   Supper