New email support loop – NZ Home Educators using Cambridge

Erena has created a new email loop specifically for those using or planning on teaching through the Cambridge examinations in the near future. It is an active group so see the aims below before deciding whether or not to join.

Please send this link to all your local home education groups or anyone else you think would be interested.
Erena (list owner/moderator)


NZ Home Ed Cambridge is an email support group for NZ Home Educators currently using or planning to teach through the Cambridge Examinations.

General Aims for the Group include but are not limited to the following:

  • Discussion
  • Sharing of resources and ideas
  • Buy, sell & swap Cambridge resources
  • Mutual Encouragement and support
  • Cambridge friendly tutors
  • Schools that take external students
  • Study Groups
  • Sharing useful websites
  • Cambridge resource suppliers
  • Sharing student successes and achievements

It is expected that as well as asking for help, members contribute what they have learnt in order to benefit the rest of the group. We all recognise there is a lot of research involved in this educational path so please don’t keep what you find out to yourself!

To sign up, send an email to and follow the prompts or visit