March 30, 2023

Research Methods and Writing Course

This will be an excellent course – Barbara

Research Methods and Writing Course

A high school-level course (for roughly ages 15 to adult) Winter/Spring 2012

Dr. Brian Ray of the National Home Education Research Institute (NHERI) is the instructor.

Dr. Ray is offering this Research Methods and Writing course to help you:

·Learn how to design a research project.

·Understand different types of research.

·Explore, in-depth, a subject of your personal interest.

·Critique research done by academics, think tanks, professors, and others.

·Broaden your understanding of and evaluate claims in newspapers and other news media.

·Enhance your knowledge and use of logic.

·Conduct a literature review founded on research-based sources.

·Write a social science research paper.

·Know when to use certain basic statistics.

Students participate and learn from Dr. Ray via his live weekly lectures (about 10 weeks, one hour each), review of student questions or comments via text chat during the lectures, and answers to questions posted by students on an Internet forum so all students can see and learn from Dr. Ray’s answers. Lecture recordings will also be available to students 24/7 online.

Dr. Ray has taught students at all levels – elementary school, junior high school, high school, and undergraduate and graduate university – over the course of many years. He has taught private school, public school, and homeschool students. Dr. Ray is an energetic and engaging teacher and has received much praise for his teaching and speaking abilities. He serves as the president of the National Home Education Research Institute and is internationally known for his homeschool research, service as an expert witness in court cases and before legislatures, and speaking at educational conferences, including those for home educators. Dr. Ray and his wife have eight children and live on a small farm in western Oregon.

Students will receive careful and detailed review, critique, feedback, and grading from Dr. Ray on three written assignments. Students will also take one exam to show their understanding of basic research methods terms and concepts. Students who successfully complete the course receive a certificate of completion for this one-semester, research methods and writing, high school course.

Students who complete this course and are interested in completing the research project they design might be able to continue in a mentored project with Dr. Ray to execute their study.

Tuition is $795 and is due in full upon registration. Class size is limited – so students receive plenty of personal attention and feedback from Dr. Ray – so first come, first served. Late enrollments may be accepted on a case-by-case basis.

The registration form explains details such as the beginning lecture date, possible payment arrangements, the tuition refund policy, forms of payment, the textbook to be used and its cost, and more.

Please call Dr. Ray’s office at 503-364-1490 or email Abbie at for a registration form or if you have any questions. Remember, space is limited.

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