1st day in Court for the Johanssons and Ruby Harrold-Claesson

Dominics föräldrar gav ett mycket gott intryck


Christer och Annie utanför rättegångssalen vid Svea hovrätt.

Here is a rough internet translation:

After a time negotiations at the Svea Court of Appeal has the suspicion that Dominic and his family is the target of an illegal practices. The objective in the Court of Appeal is about the municipality of Gotland to disbar Christer and Annie custody of Dominic and give the permanent to familjehemmet tvångsplacerad where he is.

District Court rejected the request and sentenced to the family’s advantage, and it is therefore the municipality and the prosecutor in the objective which is the complainant.

The prosecutor presented in their sakframställan disparate fragments which he believed was evidence that the municipality acted right when it is on 25 June 2009 in a very brutal way boarded the aircraft in which the family found itself in order to travel to Annies country India.
According to the prosecutor is the parents who caused Dominic difficulties which have given him traumatic experiences.

Defender responded to objectively and convincing each part of the Prosecutor svartmålningar of parents. Today’s last hearing consisted of a filmed hearings where Christer before district court on a very convincing factual way told the family had to face of harassment, ever since Gotland social services began to put themselves in their lives in 2006. The only direct reason to care 2009 which emerged during the first day was to Dominic temporary hemundervisades (home schooling) – something which also was legal according to the school teams are.

What also emerged was that Dominic was already enrolled in a school in India in which a large part of his family live.

The negotiations will continue tomorrow, on Friday (23 / 11) and is closed on Monday.

Please keep praying for this family and Ruby


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