December 8, 2022

Which academic subjects are involved in engineering?


Learning the Component Parts

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Engineering is complicated science, right? Or is it math? Find out where engineering fits in the subjects you teach your children! Steve Wells talks about the academic components and thinking skills that go into engineering, on today’s Home School Heartbeat with HSLDA President Mike Smith.

Mike Smith:
Homeschooling dad and Navy Engineer Steve Wells is with me this week to discuss how engineering might fit into your homeschool program. Steve, which academic subjects are involved in engineering?

Steve Wells:
Here Steve’s answer here:

That’s very interesting! Now, are there other thinking skills that engineering requires or cultivates?

Here Steve’s answer here:

Steve, thanks for that information today and thanks for joining us again! We’ll talk about some hands-on applications of this on our next program. And until then, I’m Mike Smith.


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