June 7, 2023

2013 New Zealand Christian Youth Film Festival: Festival ’13

From February 2013, Festival ’13 (a competition) will be underway for films to be made and entered in the 2013 New Zealand Christian Youth Film Festival. This follows a successful 2012 festival — the first of its type in New Zealand, and was attended by 450 people.  The 2012 festival had 11 films entered, all screened cinema-quality in the Bruce Mason Centre, Takapuna, Auckland at finals night on April 1st 2012.

For Festival ’13, the films are to be made and entered using the criteria as follows (see Festival ’13). They are to be of 5 to 7 minutes length (excluding credits) and must contain a theme, values or message related to Christianity and Christian faith.  Persons in teams of age (in 2013) 13-17 or 18-25 enter.  There are the two age categories, with a prize of $2,000 for best film in each age category.

NEW AWARD created for 2013:   A new award this year will be given for the film judged as having the best original song which is on the sound-track of a film.  The film lyrics and song must be created by a person aged between 13 and 25; people singing it or playing instruments can be of any age; the song will be judged on basis of its message/lyrics, the musical composition/interest/skill, and the fit or appropriateness of the song to the film it is in.   A copy of lyrics (and score if there is one showing notes) is to be submitted with film it accompanies.  The creator of songs must be New Zealanders, and need not appear (act) in the film.

See more here: http://nzcyf.org.nz/

Enter now!

It is the time to register your interest in Festival ’13! Are you an actor, story teller, producer, camera operator, dancer, sound guru, motion graphics artist or musician? Well here is something for you! Festival ’13 is about showing your creativity in an unique and exceptional way through film. This is your opportunity to use your skills while conveying a message that gives a Christian message of your choice.

See more here: http://nzcyf.org.nz/



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