June 4, 2023

Homeschool Outings: Mt Ruapehu Whakapapa Alpine Mountain Adventure Skiing, Snowboarding, & Tramping

Mt Ruapehu Whakapapa Alpine Mountain Adventure
Skiing, Snowboarding, & Tramping


Where: Mt Ruapehu Whakapapa
When: September 9 -13th 2013
How long: 6 days on the mountain
Transport: You make your way there. This is a 4 hour drive.
Who: Family Friend and Children
Accommodation: Waikato Trampers Hut –Mt Ruapehu
How many: 32 Homeschoolers
Cost: Adult $580-$170 saving on normal price
Child: $ 360 -$260 saving on normal price
Subject to skiing or snowboarding, extra for lessons this is an approximate price.

This is an amazing 6 day alpine adventure with tramping skiing sightseeing and snowboarding
Contact: — Homeschool Outings- Rachel Hobman rachel@njl.co.nz

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/events/100191503496872/


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