January 21, 2021

NSW needs our help

NSW sure needs our help again: http://www.parliament.nsw.gov.au/homeschooling

Home schooling (Inquiry)

This inquiry is a current Legislative Council inquiry conducted by the Home schooling Committee.   This inquiry was established on 28 May 2014 to inquire into and report on home schooling in New South Wales. Read more here…

Revd Mr Nile moved, according to notice:
1. That a Select Committee be established to inquire into and report on home schooling in New South Wales, and in particular:

(a) the background of home schooling including comparison of practices with other jurisdictions in Australia and New Zealand,

(b) the current context of home schooling in New South Wales including:
(i) outcomes of home schooling including in relation to transition to further study and work,
(ii) financial costs,
(iii) demographics and motivation of parents to home school their children,
(iv) extent of and reasons for unregistered home schoolers,
(v) characteristics and educational needs of home schooled children,
(vi) comparison of home schooling to school education including distance education,

(c) regulatory framework for home schooling including:
(i) current registration processes and ways of reducing the number of unregistered home schoolers,
(ii) training, qualifications and experience of authorised persons,
(iii) adherence to delivery of the New South Wales Syllabuses,
(iv) potential benefits or impediments to children’s safety, welfare and wellbeing,
(vi) appropriateness of the current regulatory regime and ways in which it could be improved,

(d) support issues for home schooling families and barriers to accessing support,

(e) representation of home schoolers within Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards (BoSTES), and

(f) any other related matter.

2. That notwithstanding anything to the contrary in the standing orders, the Committee consist of seven members comprising:
(a) three Government members,
(b) two Opposition members, and
(c) two crossbench members, being Mr Paul Green and Dr John Kaye.

3. That the Chair of the Committee be Mr Paul Green and the Deputy Chair be Dr John Kaye.

4. That at any meeting of the Committee, any four members of the Committee will constitute aquorum.

5. That a Committee member who is unable to attend a deliberative meeting in person may participate by electronic communication and may move any motion and be counted for the purpose of any quorum or division, provided that:
(a) the Chair is present in the meeting room,
(b) all members are able to speak and hear each other at all times, and
(c) a member may not participate by electronic communication in a meeting to consider a draft report.

6. That the Committee report by the last sitting day in November 2014.
Question put and passed.

Please put in a submission to help home educators in NSW (Submissions due 8 August 2014) Read more here…

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Sydney Home Education Network (SHEN) opposes the new regulations and is supporting a petition started by a homeschool mother in Sydney, which calls upon Adrian Piccoli, the Minister of Education, to “cancel the new information pack and consult with home educators.”According to SHEN, the petition gathered over 500 signatures in the first 24 hours. Australian home educators have asked homeschoolers and friends of freedom around the world for help. Thankfully they got the 10,000 signatures that they required.

Please also send an email to the Minister of Education in New South Wales, the Honorable Adrian Piccoli, encouraging him to listen to home educators and pull the new regulations and support less restrictions for homeschoolers.



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