September 25, 2017


An email from Joanna about Tales2go:

 I would like to start a group subscription to Tales2go. I was in this when I lived in Australia and it was a fantastic resource. A homeschooling group membership costs $US10 per year, instead of their individual membership rate of $US100. While in Aus our family listenend to heaps of books while doing chores, travelling, for bedtime stories when my voice was hoarse etc. The catch is that I need 50 families. As soon as I get 50 interested people I will get a code, then all interested people can subscribe with their own email address and the code. Thanks!

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  1. Talia Hermus says:

    We are a roadschooling family and have a SLOW Loop as a family that we do with lots of “unschooling” days in between because well, we travel. And then I have made a laminated check list (kids love the marker) of their personal work and helping hands that they need/should get done on their own.And by the way, I’m missing the woods in the north right now. I’m from Washington but we are in Florida right now (well we are heading out because of Irma). Anyway, we have spent a lot of the summer in FL this year and I miss the northern type woods. If it wasn’t going to start getting cold soon, I think we would start driving north and just stay up that way. ?

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