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31/8/11 – 8:55pm

(Genevieve here again) When I think about Dad it is not with intense grief. Dad is counting it all joy to have fallen into this trial (James 1v2)! Even so, it does sadden me to see him unable to walk and to have to suffer degredation. But it is not a sadness without hope. And that is because Dad’s future is secure:

“Blessed are those whose iniquities are forgiven, and whose sins are covered;
blessed is the man against whom the Lord will not reckon his sin.” Rom 4v7-8

You see,

“the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.” Rom 6v23

Dad is a sinner.

“None is righteous, no, not one.” Rom 3v10

Not even Dad.

And yet,

“God so loved the world that whoever believes in him may have eternal life.” John 3v16

My dad has believed in God. I’m so glad because,

“He who believes in the Son has eternal life; he who does not obey the Son shall not see life, but the wrath of God rests upon him.” Rom 3v36

Dad’s future is secure. Is yours?

31/8/11 – 5:40pm

(Genevieve here again) Back in the 1600s a German prince asked two young men in their twenties to write a summary of the Christian faith to be used in instructing young people. It has proved to be such a popular summary that 400 years later it is still being used. When I was about 14 I memorized the first part:

What is your only comfort in life and in death?

That I am not my own,
but belong –
body and soul,
in life and in death –
to my fathful Saviour Jesus Christ.

He has fully paid for all my sins with his precious blood,
and has set me free from the tyranny of the devil.
He also watches over me in such a way
that not a hair can fall from my head [or a tumour grow in my brain]
without the will of my Father in heaven:
in fact, all things must work together for my salvation.

Because I belong to him,
Christ, by his Holy Spirit,
assures me of eternal life
and makes me whole-heartedly willing and ready
from now on to live for him.

I love it. I think of it now as it really summarizes our present comfort and why we have such peace in these circumstances.

PS. The summary is known as The Heidelberg Catechism.

31/8/11 – 5:25pm

(Genevieve here again) I was sitting in the conservatory feeding Evangeline when Gracie bounced into the room and sat next to me. Thinking to use this as an opportunity to get to know her better (my little sisters have grown up a lot since I’ve married and moved to Australia) I said to her, “What are your favourite things, Gracie?”

Bounce, bounce, bounce. “God and Jesus,” she replied. Bounce, bounce.

[Stillness] “And,” she said looking into my eyes, “loving them is my favourite thing to do!”

And off she bounced out of the room.

I learned a lot about my little sister during that interchange! A glorious lot!

31/8/11 – 5:15pm

(Genevieve here again) Dad was asked today about the gospel.

Here is his summary:

God is in charge of all things.

We have offended Him.

We are going to be called to account for every careless word we utter.

On judgement day we are going to be declared guilty. It is not going to be a pretty sight.

God understands that we are in a tight spot. He has sent His Son to take our punishment. In exchange we get His righteousness.

It is a good deal. The best bargain out.

31/8/11 – 5:10pm

(Genevieve here) Praise the Lord! The special surprise for Josh and Charmagne’s wedding is all go! It is unbelievable! It could never have happened apart from prayer! Thank you Lord! And thank you everyone for your prayers and financial contributions. We are up to $1,365.00 so not far to go!

Thank you to our friend who has organized all this. He had to pull a lot of strings, but the Lord went beforehand! It is very exciting!

31/8/11 6:30am

The statistics I sent to Craig’s dr in the USA today:

NO headache – on a scale of 1-10 it is 0.5
BP 136/85 pulse 58. This was taken before I gave Craig his early morning Verapamil.
Lower back pain is a 1 on a scale of 1-10
Stomach pain 0
PH at midnight was between 6.5 and 7 probably closer to 7
PH at 6:30am was a definate 7
Craig has had NO morphine or any other pain killers since the morphine pump was taken off him on the 29th at 2pm.
Craig is still in bed so cannot comment on other symptoms yet.

I am just off to have a shower. I can’t remember when I last had a shower. So I am really looking forward to this one. Life is on the go here from dawn to dusk and into the night. On Monday I began my breakfast at the normal time and finally finished it at 4pm.

We are extremely thankful for your prayers on our behalf. We know that many of you have been labouring in prayer for us. God has been answering yours and our prayers in abundance.

Craig has not been able to write in his diary since 26 August when he almost died. His BP was really high. systolic at one stage was 205 and at a different time his diastolic was 140. He had a bad headache, sore back, sore stomach, was vomiting and very uncomfortable. Since then and while he was on the morphine pump his processing of information deteriated. His writing was extremely bad, unreadable slanted and all on the right hand side of the page. He could not stand at all so needed several men to man handle him in and out of bed. Since coming off the morphine he is now getting some of this back. We are looking forward to him getting up today to see how he has improved today. Until Craig can write his diary Genevieve is filming Craig’s diary. We are at the moment uploading the short video clips to the computer. We trust, DV, that we will have these up here and in Craig’s diary later today. So Craig’s diary will be in video/Youtube form until he can write again, DV.

30/8/11 Late evening

Mornings contain an element of uncertainty in our household. There is always a question in the air, “How is Dad?” And until the household begins to rouse and Dad wakes up, we don’t know. You see, if Dad is to go downhill usually the first sign that this has happened is in the morning. Pete wonders about this also and so I get a call from him each morning as he questions, “How is your dad today?”

It is always SO good to be able to tell him good news and good news it has been since Saturday.

This morning I woke up to Mum sitting Dad up in bed. I gathered together his tablets while she helped him eat breakfast in bed.

My assignment for the day: help him record his diary. Initially I got my pen and paper out and was going to write down whatever he said as he spoke. But before we even got started we instead set up the video camera and I recorded his diary comments that way.

Watch out on Dad’s diary page for these diary clips. (DV hopefully tomorrow) Not only is the content encouraging, but after all we said about Saturday, it is so nice to see Dad looking so good. Not only is he off the morphine drip, but he hasn’t required any extra morphine tablets or liquid. He is completely pain free. Our doctor in the USA is suggesting that the tumour has responded positively to the protocol and is shrinking. Whatever the cause for him being so well, it is a HUGE blessing from God. May He get all the glory.

Four men came over mid morning and helped Jed to get Dad into the van for his ultrasound appointment. Here’s the link to the ultrasound images from the 30th of August:

Tonight Alanson and Jeremiah were here to help Jed with moving Dad from his wheelchair to bed. It is lovely having hefty men about.

Charmagne was busy all day sewing her wedding dress. I won’t say much about this except that it is stunning! Charmagne has done a truly lovely job on it.

And Maree, wonderful, helpful, excellent Maree, heard me say something about afghans and made me a whole batch!

She also made Dad some chicken and chips (organic kumera chips) for dinner with a salad – it looked terrific and Dad sure thought it tasted good too! This symptom of Dad’s (being fixated with ‘contraband’ foods and seemingly unhappy with his ‘rabbit food’) has really improved since Saturday too – very encouraging.

There is something about kumera baked in the oven with coconut oil – readers, I highly recommend it!

And if anyone wants to try out Budwigs, here is my recipe – slightly different from the famil recipe, but I’m really partial to it:

2:1 Cottage cheese and flax seed oil – whizzed with a kitchen whiz until there is no oil residue left.
1 tsp of vanilla essence for every 1/4 cup of cottage cheese
Sprinkling of cinnamon

Dollop this yoghurty looking stuff in a plate and top with:
Grapes (these are the best bits, but for the purpose of fighting cancer, it is really blueberries that you can’t do without)
Almonds (slivered)

This is both a fresh and filling breakfast – it is excellent!

Until tomorrow…or as Dad would say, ‘Hasta manana.”


(Genevieve here again) So many people have been so kind and caring and concerned. Even in tough ways. We appreciate all your comments and criticisms.

Many thanks to folks who have made deposits into Dad and Mum’s account to help with medical expenses. This is so appreciated.

And to the folks who stop by and drop off a box of organic fruit and veggies. It is such a blessing and it is so nice to see your kind faces and to say, “Howdy.”

Thank you to the men who have come around over the past few days and helped get Dad into his wheel chair in the morning and into the van to get to an appointment. Poor Dad is not very mobile at the moment and requires a great deal of help to manuveur from here to there.

Thank you to Dr Minnee who stops by regularly and has helped so much with Dad’s care and organized help from a variety of nursing organizations.

Thank you to our doctor in the USA who allows us to call him at all hours of the day and night with questions and concerns.

And many thanks to those of you who have been concerned about various aspects of Dad’s health care and have either suggested supplements (and some of you have even sent supplements direct – thank you!) or suggested we remove some items from our routine. You will be interested to know that we have dropped apricot kernals since taking up something called Supreme B. Vitamin D at high levels was needful for only a short period since Dad was deficient. He is now back down onto a maintenance dose. And flax seed oil and colloidal silver have only ever been taken in small doses. Dad drizzles a bit of salad dressing on his salads of an evening made from flax seed oil and occasionally eats Budwigs in the morning (a family favourite – we’ve been eating this for years!).

Dad’s daily routine metamorphases almost daily in consultation with the doctors and as Dad’s symptoms change. For example we are no longer doing intravenous vitamin c and our steriod has been changed although I think it will be changed back before long.

Many thanks to those who have offered to help with the truck run. Jedediah is so very keen to take this up. Even if we can’t get a special act of parliament made to let him, he will have learned a great deal about the legal process and I’ve been proud of him to see how motivated he is (and brave) to meet with lawyers, visit the court house, make appointments with MPs and talk with police. At 13 years of age he is Biblically to be regarded as a man and I’m really proud to see how he is willing and wanting to take up manly responsibility. Well done, Jed.

Thank you to those who sent lovely cards and sweet notes, emails and music cds and books. Your thoughts and comments are so uplifting.

We welcome your correspondence and are very grateful to you all when you express concern or encouragement and most especially of all when you say that you are praying for us. This we value above all else. Thank you!

And thank you to all the people who have offered to help in various ways with Charmagne’s wedding: with wedding vehicles, video streaming, flower girl dresses, wedding hair, etc. It has been JUST amazing!

And…we are up to $1,000.00 in contributions for that secret surprise for Josh and Charmagne’s wedding. Keep praying that it will work out. It will be pretty special if it does. And thanks of course to our friend for coming up with the idea and executing it. Well done!


Q & A with Craig Smith recorded 21 August 2011

Craig Smith of the Home Education Foundation and face behind the Home Education Q&A channel introduces himself. A participator in the home education movement for over 30 years, Craig is a pioneer and leader in the movement in New Zealand. He is the husband of Barbara and father to four natural, three adopted and one permanently fostered child under a guardianship arrangement. His youngest was born in 2005 so he will be in the game for many more years to come. He was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer in August 2011 and is now under Palliative care.To find out more about home educating: To find out about Craig’s fight with cancer:Updates on Craig’s health written by family Craig’s diary: Diary of a Brain Tumour

Please click on links below to view video.

What is the importance of discipline in home education?

What place does family worship have in home education?

What about sports?

30/8/11 early afternoon

(Genevieve here again) A friend of ours has come to me with a secret proposal: a proposal for something absolutely delightful for Josh and Charmagne’s wedding. It requires two things to pull it off: financial assistance and prayer! We should know by tomorrow whether it is a goer or not. Our friend asked me to ask all of you if you would be willing to assist with this by praying that we can pull it off and by contributing financially: any excess would be given to Josh & Charmagne as a wedding gift. He suggested that if we could get 100 people to contribute $20.00 that it would satisfy the financial side of things.

CS BE Smith
020 727 0838357 00

Please email Genevieve via to confirm an amount you can contribute.

Thanks so much!

30/8/11 early morning

Q & A with Craig Smith recorded 20 August 2011

Craig Smith of the Home Education Foundation and face behind the Home Education Q&A channel introduces himself. A participator in the home education movement for over 30 years, Craig is a pioneer and leader in the movement in New Zealand. He is the husband of Barbara and father to four natural, three adopted and one permanently fostered child under a guardianship arrangement. His youngest was born in 2005 so he will be in the game for many more years to come. He was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer in August 2011 and is now under Palliative care.To find out more about home educating: To find out about Craig’s fight with cancer:Updates on Craig’s health written by family Craig’s diary: Diary of a Brain Tumour

Please click on links below to view video.

Can I home educate as a single mum?

What is a father’s role in home education?

Can’t my wife just do that home educating thing?

How can I lead my family in home educating?

How can I protect my wife from burning out when home schooling?

29/8/11 Late Evening

(Genevieve here again) Dad is doing so much better. The thing that encourages me the most is his voice and breathing – much more like Dad. His eyes are still dim, but then he really can’t see much either and this could be why.

But what I want to write about this evening is Mum.

I saw her at her absolute best on Saturday. I was amazed, awed, grateful and totally impressed by what I saw.

Saturday was when Dad experienced his dreadful day. I think he nearly died. He felt terrible. He couldn’t move and needed to be toileted and fed. Bedding had to be changed due to the vomitting. Pills had to be crushed as he couldn’t swollen them whole and some had to be crushed as we needed them to act quickly. Water and protocol was dripped into his mouth with a pipette. Mum had only slept for two hours during the night. The rest of the time she was up monitoring Dad and checking his pulse. I know this because I was awake all night listening to Mum care for Dad and caring myself for a little girl called Eva.

Mum was on the ball. And when medical people came who told her the end was nigh she remained on the ball. Suggestions were made by medical personnel that she was hesitant about and yet she remained open minded and under consultation with our doctor in the USA agreed to a divergance from our course of action to address the issues at hand (namely giving morphine on a drip and a very strong steriod to deal with the pain Dad was experiencing). She never gave up hope. Her attitude was that some people might think Dad was about to die, but that for now, he was still alive and so there was hope. We could continue to pray, we could continue to give the protocol. We could continue to work towards preserving Dad’s life.

And work she did. She never stopped.

During this time, my brain was fuzzy from lack of sleep. I helped the best I could, but I couldn’t keep track of all the various doctors and nurses who were stopping by and calling on the phone. I couldn’t keep track of all the drugs being discussed, regimines being suggested and amended and actioned. But Mum did.

She was Dad’s guardian angel. She made sure she understood exactly what was going on. She made sure that all doctors and nurses were in consultation with each other (including our doctor in the USA) and that Dad was getting only what was necessary, safe, helpful and the best given the circumstances. She was in prayer all day. And she was active all day.

I think a lot of women on being told that their husband might only have hours left to live would simply give up or go into hysterics. But not Mum. Our doctor in the USA had a different theory for Dad’s difficulties which included hope that the end was not nigh. Accepting that the Lord might be about to take him, she still worked through the day in the hope that he would survive. She kept up his protocol, his food and water. She cared for him and took responsibility for him. She didn’t just hand him over to medical personnel to do whatever they saw fit. [This is not to say that we don’t very much appreciate all that the medical personnel did and continue to do. We do, but what I want readers to understand is that though sleep deprived, fatigued and stretched to the max with cares and concerns, Mum didn’t just hand over responsibility and care for Dad to another. She kept up her responsibility to be aware of the situation and to care for Dad herself and she did a splendid job].

If you were dying, you couldn’t do better than to have Mum there on the watch for you and caring for you.

You are the best, Mum. Dad is SO blessed to have you caring for him.


Dad is lying in bed. He is VERY happy.

1. His morphine drip has been removed.
2. He just had a big plate of curry quinoa and morrocan steak.
3. His order from Vision Forum arrived – a replica Union sword! He has been holding it for hours and explaining to everyone who comes in about the difference between it and his CSA replica sword.
4. Gracie (turned 6 on Friday) is sitting beside him reading to him from the Word of God.

He is determined to walk Charmagne down the aisle (DV) and to that end Jedediah is helping to exercise his legs while he is lying in bed and Dad is also working on his wedding speech during spare moments.

All in all today is a real blessing for which we are all VERY thankful after all that occurred on Saturday.

Praise God from Whom all blessings flow.


Dad came out of his morphine induced sleep at 9pm last night. We rang Zach and gathered in Dad’s room. He blessed each of his children. He even put his hand on Racheal’s head and gave her a blessing. Racheal is the mother of our adopted children. She has a wonderful relationship with Dad and Mum and refers to herself as their wayward daughter.

Dad led us in prayer. Together we acknowledged God’s sovereignty and His ability to perform a miracle and take away Dad’s tumour. We asked Him to heal Dad and we also asked Him to strengthen and comfort us, lead and guide us no matter what His will is for Dad’s life: whether to take him or to leave him alive here on earth for a little bit longer. It was a beautiful family time.

We said our goodbyes.

And then in the morning we discovered Dad feeling much better.

Much, much better.

We could sit him up in bed. He was no longer feeling nauseous and no longer had a headache or backache. His blood pressure was back down to an acceptable level. He looked so different and his speech was much clearer.

One way I had the change explained to me was this: the strong steriod Dad was given by the nurses yesterday helped to keep the swelling under control. This relieved cranial pressure which brought the blood pressure down and got rid of the nausea and headache.

We were really glad to see Dad looking so much better. But we never expected what happened next!

He came to church!


We were about to leave and he made it known that he wanted to come too. Really? Wow!

Dad is still on the morphine drip. He is very drowsy. He talks a lot about salt and vinegar chips and cottage cheese. Despite our pleasure at seeing Dad doing so much better our doctor still doesn’t think he will be around by the time of the wedding. Sad news, but we sure appreciate the help of the doctors and nurses who have been visiting and helping. They are going to do some checks and write some referrals so we can check out some other theories such as whether it might have been a kidney infection or problems with Dad’s liver rather than the brain tumour that set things off yesterday.

Dad is finding it increasingly difficult to write his diary. He tries, but falls asleep.

We had experienced a crisis. I think Dad came close to death. But God had mercy. Thank you Lord!

27/8/11 early evening

The doctor has left. Phone calls have been made to relatives. Things have settled down. A fly on the wall would hear Charmagne playing A Waltz in A flat by Brahms followed by Moonlight Sonata by Beethovan on the piano. Racheal is keeping watch in Dad’s room. She is reading him Romans. She knows that it is his favourite portion of Scripture. In his 20s over a period of two months he memorized the whole book and it has been lifechanging for him. [If you are reading this Racheal I want you to thank you for doing this for him and honouring him in this way]. Genevieve is feeding Evangeline. Maree is putting the last touches on dinner. Kaitlyn and Grace have set the table.

Then Alanson gathers us to the table.

He takes Dad’s place at the table.

Mum swops with Racheal and takes her place by Dad and when we have finished reading we sing all the old hymns of faith…the ones we remember Dad teaching us, the ones he loved:

Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing
“Streams of mercy, never ceasing, Call for songs of loudest praise.”

Dad has been telling us that some people think, “You don’t deserve this; you’re too young.” He says, this isn’t even close to what he really deserves. He tell us that he is a dirty, rotten sinner who deserves hellfire but because of those “streams of mercy” Christ paid the price for Him. And that act of love by Christ, “Calls for songs of loudest praise!”

We sang and sang around the table following dinner (Dad was still in a morphine induced sleep):

When I Survey the Wondrous Cross
“Love so amazing, so divine, demands my soul, my life, my all.”

Dad sought to acknowledge God’s sovereignty in every area of his life: his finances, how he raised his children, his work ethic, his entertainment, etc.

I Know Not Why God’s Wondrous Grace

O For a Thousand Tongues

Man of Sorrows, What a Name

I Sought the Lord, and Afterward I Knew

I Need They Every Hour
“I need Thee every hour, In joy or pain; Come quickly and abide, Or life is vain.”

My Jesus, I love Thee
“I’ll love Thee in life, I will love Thee in death, And praise Thee as long as Though lendest me breath.”

A Mighty Fortress Is Our God
“The body they may kill, God’s truth abideth still, His kingdom is forever.”

When Peace Like a River
“When peace, like a river, attendeth my way, When sorrows like sea billows roll, Whatever my lot, Thou hast taught me to say; It is well, it is well with my soul.”

Blest Be the Tie That Binds
“When we are called to part, It gives us inward pain; But we shall still be joined in heart and hope to meet again.”

I Love to Tell the Story
I love to tell the story, for those who know it best, seem hungering and thirsting to hear it like the rest.”

That is Dad. He loves to hear of the work of the Lord. He would always cry whenever we would sing these last two songs. And when we’d look at him wonderingly he would explain how undeserving he was and how much he looked forward to being with His Saviour and free from the curse of sin.

Praise God From Whom All Blessing Flow

Thank you Lord for this tumour.


(Genevieve again) This morning when Dad was beside himself with the headache and nausea, I walked past his door and overheard him calling out to His Lord: “Oh God,” he said “take this from me. Have mercy on me.” and then he spoke again, “Thank you for your goodness to me.”

He will be so happy when the time comes for him to see his Saviour.


(Genevieve again) I had the privilege of calling Grandma and telling her about Dad’s condition. She reminded me that when he was a boy and people would ask him what he wanted to be when he grew up, he would always respond, “A daddy!” Grandma said to me, “How many people can say at the end of their lives that they have done what they wanted to do?” Thank you, Grandma. Dad certainly can and I can testify to the fact that he was a wonderful daddy!


(Genevieve here again) Mum hardly slept last night. This is not unusual. She has been the perfect example of a selfless, loyal, loving wife. Dad’s blood pressure was elevated. He wasn’t sleeping well. Mum was keeping an eye on him. About 4am he developed a terrible headache and nausea [ah…here was the nausea and headache that everyone was surprised Dad hadn’t developed a week ago or so ago]. He also had a very sore back, upper arm and chest soreness. He couldn’t get up; even just sitting up made him nauseous and about 9am he threw up.

Our doctor in the USA was very concerned about his elevated blood pressure and concerned that we get it below a certain figure very quickly. We quickly organized a prescription for the medication he recommended and gave it to Dad within an hour and a half his blood pressure had come down to an acceptable level. Thank the Lord! During that rough patch Charmagne massaged Dad’s head with oil and he said to her that if she hadn’t done that he would have died. At one point he began to talk to her like he was dying, telling her all those things one says in that situation.

But his blood pressure was better. We thought the crisis was over. Though we did suspect that Dad nearly died.

Then our GP arrived. We overheard him speaking on the phone to someone after an initial look at Dad. Essentially he said that he thought Dad would die before the wedding.

Shortly afterwards a nurse arrived. When she saw the signs Dad was exhibuting she said that he might have hours or days.

They now have him on morphine and something for the nausea in his stomache. He is sleeping. The family have gathered around.

We have shed many tears but there is also an intense joy at the thought that he might be hours away from meeting his Savour! Oh such happiness.

God is with Dad and He is with us. We are at peace.

27/8/11 4:40pm

(Kaitlyn (10) this time) For me to live is Christ but to die is gain! (Philippans 1:21)

Dad had a rough night last night. About 4am his headache worsened and he became nauseous with a sore back.

Please Pray about these things:
Pray that Dad would be feeling better when he wakes up.

27/8/11 early morning

Please pray for Craig.

He has a headache and his blood pressure is really high. Our dr in the US is “waiting for a call back from a cardiologist for best method to reduce his BP as quickly and safely as possible”

Please pray that Craig’ s blood pressure would come down soon. The headache is probably because of his high blood pressure.


26/8/11 early morning

(Genevieve here again) Dad’s brain tumour is effecting so many things: Dad’s mobility, ability to type, drink from a glass, read, toilet and bath himself. Sometimes I think the rabbit food dampens the perpetual glimmer in his eye a bit. But one thing Dad’s brain tumour hasn’t done is interfere with Dad’s ability to talk about the importance of home education. Check this clip out:

This is Dad at his best!

There are some things I’ll always remember Dad for:

1. Standing up for what was right even when nobody else was doing so (growing up I was determined to take up this mantle too – I was going to be a pioneer just like Dad! It is still my heart’s desire for myself and my children.)
2. ALWAYS having devotions after breakfast, lunch and dinner with Scripture reading, discussion, singing, Scripture memory and prayer.
3. His infectious laugh.
4. His ability to learn something from everybody. He would tell me, “You can learn something from anybody. Just get them talking. Soon enough you’ll find out what interests them and makes them tick. Ask them about this. You’ll have honoured them, made a friend of them and can learn something too.”
5. His humility before and love of his Saviour. Dad knew he was a sinner. He knew he was forgiven. I was privileged at times to observe him humbly repent of sin before God and occasionally to ask forgiveness from other people.
6. For always having time for us children. I don’t remember ever being told by him, “I’m too busy.”
7. For always being a learner. He had never “arrived” but was always growing and learning.
8. For his utter delight for God’s Word and for Reformed theology. “These confessions are a goldmine!”
9. For being a reader and his admonitions to me to forsake light reading and fiction for biographies and histories.
10. For one of his and Mum’s mottos that they would put their time, money and resources into things that other people can’t or wouldn’t. It influenced them for taking up the fight to preserve section 59 to putting their money towards things like Roger Dahlberg’s work with orphans in the Phillipines (where 100% of the donation goes to help families) instead of to groups such as World Vision.
11. For his heart sickness at the thought of Christian children being defiled in the temples of humanism known as state schools. With his dying breath I know he will be telling Christians to get their children out of these institutions and to train them up in the admonition and fear of the Lord themselves.
12. For his understanding of true Biblical discipline and his courage to fight against the statists, feminists and homosexuals who worked to amend section 59 of the Crimes Act, effectively making it illegal to apply Biblical corporal correction in the home – a sad day for New Zealand. But I sure am proud of my Dad for fighting that battle.

If it is God’s will to take Dad, I’m so thankful for the legacy Dad leaves with us through his life and example.

26/8/11 evening

(Genevieve here again) There was so much laughter around the table tonight. Dad was being so sneaky trying to get someone to let him have some of the wonderful lasagne the rest of us were eating [many thanks to the Flinns for that!]. He pushed his greens out of the way and kept lifting his plate up with his good arm asking someone to just slop some on…it doesn’t even have to look good! It was all so funny, Dad had his old gleam back in his eye and we all enjoyed a real good laugh.

However, Dad wasn’t just making a joke about it (although we all wished that he was). He is becoming a little obsessed with this and in other areas is becoming obsessed about things the way a child might who tries to manipulate or selfishly get what he wants. Dad isn’t manipulating or being selfish, he is just constantly asking over and over. When we talk with him he agrees that he doesn’t want to eat it, that he understands the science behind the change in diet, but then when the conversation is over again he is back asking Gracie to sneak some over to him. Even writing this I can’t help but grin. He is so awfully funny about it.

People continue to be ever so wonderful. Help has been offered with the truck run, with organizing a kitchen tea for Charmagne (we’ll be doing a Titus 2 Evening. If anyone wants an invitation, please email Genevieve on .) and with so many other things. Maree Sandbrook is back again today and tomorrow to help out. During all the business surrounding caring for Dad and celebrating Grace’s birthday, she quietly did the dishes, cleaned the bathroom, swept and mopped the floors, helped organise lunch and dinner and tonight fixed mum a hot drink just the way she likes it at just the right moment. What a gal! We REALLY appreciate her on site assistance. And then there is Jessica who comes every day to do the juicing and who invariably does all the dishes when cleaning up after herself. The past couple of days she has even stayed extra time to care for the little ones while Dad is being filmed. Her assistance is extraordinary. And I still attribute Dad’s lack of nausea and headaches to the juicing. We just wouldn’t get it done without her.

Dad has battled with high blood pressure today and a growing headache. However, we are encouraged to think we may be getting on top of these. If we can, there will be no need for radiation. And in fact, we have put off radiotherapy for a week (now we are booked in for Monday, 5 September) because at this stage we don’t think we need it.

During the crunch time (when Dad was first given only months to live and when we were activating the change of diet and investigating alternative therapies) we discovered that what was REALLY helpful was when someone would send us something which was good with a note explaining why we should use it and where more could be obtained. For example, Penny Bilton sent us a box of lypo-spheric vitamin c. That meant we had it on hand straight away and could include it in Dad’s diet. This was SO helpful. We just had so much to investigate, so much to learn, so much to put into place that even with us all working on it (especially Mum, Genevieve and Charmagne) there wasn’t a lot of time to investigate links or do a lot of reading. We did this too, but often when we became convinced about something we then had to order it and wait for it to arrive before including it in our routine for Dad. In the meantime, precious days were being lost. So many of you such as Helen de Vries, the Briggs, the Browns, the Biltons, Daryl Williams, Liz Tosh, Renee Huizinga, Patricia and too many others to mention have so kindly just sent us things straight away. Most everything we have been able to utilize. Some things have been contraindicated. But not much. As we have leisure we have been reading the various cancer books you have lent to us. We all go to bed reading things like Cancer Free by Bill Henderson or Curing the Incurable by Thomas Levy.

Oh and let me tell you about something which was a HUGE encouragement to me today. When I went to finalise our booking of the All Saints Church for Charmagne’s wedding I took my $200 in which is what it cost me to book it for my wedding 3.5 years ago. As I filled out the paperwork I looked at the schedule of costs. It had gone up to $700 to rent the church! Eek! I told them I’d have to check this extra cost with Mum. The lady in the church office was so kind. She said that she understood about our circumstances and perhaps she could speak with the people above her and see what could be done. So I paid the deposit of $100 and left. Today I received an email saying that in light of the circumstances they would only charge $250!!!!!!!!!!!! I am absolutely amazed and so very grateful. It is such a kindness from strangers. And yet we have been receiving many such kindesses. A few days back a lady I’d never met stopped by and said that my parents wouldn’t know her, but she had been reading Dad’s diary and wanted to give us some vouchers for the organic shop as she knew how expensive purchases at such a place can be. What a blessing! What a kindness.

I have been teaching Natalie (my 2.5 year old) about kindness. Occasionally of late she will do something and then ask me, “Is that kind, Mum?” Well, Natalie, if you read this, this is kindness – people anticipating needs and reaching out to fulfill them. We are overwhelmed by it.

Someone who can organise video live streaming of the wedding so that people in other locations can watch it live (particularly for Josh’s mum who is ill and can’t come to the wedding).

So many of our prayers have been answered and fulfilled. Nearly all of them. Do please join us in praying that the swelling in Dad’s tumour will go down, that the tumour will shrink and disappear and that Dad’s symptoms will reverse.
Please also pray that we will be able to provide enough exercise for Dad. This is probably one of the main reasons we are having problems with his blood pressure.


Zach and Megan have been able to get a birth certificate for Jackson in double quick time. It usually takes 10 days. They already have it. Next week they plan to go to Chicago to get Jackson’s passport (DV).

God bless you all for being such a blessing to us during our time of need. The Lord be with you as He is with us.

26/8/11 morning

It is Grace’s 6th birthday today

26/8/11 early morning

More videos from Craig these ones were recorded 19 August 2011

Please click on links below to view video.

How should I teach the 3Rs?

Why shouldn’t I institutionalize my children?

How can I home educate when family relationships aren’t so good?

What is the difference between schooling and education?

Where do our curricula ideas come from?

If I home educate will my children have friends?

Should I read to my children?

26/8/11 very early morning

Q & A with Craig Smith recorded  on Youtube 18 August 2011

Craig Smith of the Home Education Foundation and face behind the Home Education Q&A channel introduces himself. A participator in the home education movement for over 30 years, Craig is a pioneer and leader in the movement in New Zealand. He is the husband of Barbara and father to four natural, three adopted and one permanently fostered child under a guardianship arrangement. His youngest was born in 2005 so he will be in the game for many more years to come. He was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer in August 2011 and is now under Palliative care.To find out more about home educating: To find out about Craig’s fight with cancer:Updates on Craig’s health written by family Craig’s diary: Diary of a Brain Tumour

Please click on links below to view video.

Who am I?

What is the Home Education Foundation?

Am I qualified to teach my children? Parts 1, 2 and 3

What about testing?

What about qualifications?

How can I home educate if I’m not a trained teacher?

If I home educate how can my children get into university? Part 1 and 2

How do I teach my children science?

How should I teach history?

How should I select a curriculum?

Do I need a classroom when I am Home schooling? Part 1 and 2

Where do I get resources?

How can I home educate on a single income?

How do I get an exemption to home educate in New Zealand?

How do I get started in home education?

What are five home education priorities?

25/8/11 evening

(Genevieve here again) Wedding bells are ringing!

Due to Dad’s deteriorating condition, Josh and Charmagne have decided to relocate their wedding from Learmonth, Victoria, Australia to Palmerston North, New Zealand. AND they are bringing it forward from 22 October 2011 to 10 September 2011! Here are the details for those who would like to attend:

Where: All Saints, Anglican Church, Cnr Church St and the Square, Palmerston North
When: 10am, 10 September 2011

No confetti

We are all so excited. Charmagne is to be wed!

The burden of consequently planning two weddings has been lessened by the wonderful offers of help from folks. It has been such a blessing. With less than three weeks before the big day Charmagne is busy as anything sewing her wedding dress and organizing her things for shipping to Australia.

Today Genevieve, Charmagne, Kaitlyn and Grace all redesvous-ed at a couple of jewellery stores. Charmagne picked up the perfect necklace and earrings and we took them to the Bead Bizzarre where a lady agreed to make up matching necklaces and earrings for the rest of us in a different colour. We told her about Dad and she was amazed (to tears) when we told her about how our Church said to Charmagne that she wouldn’t need to worry about the reception; that they would look after it for her and that the Church had brought around meals every night for the past two weeks.

And tomorrow we have another special event: Grace turns six. Dad signed her application for an exemption form today and sent it off. A wee bit late, but we’ve had a lot on our minds. I hope the MOE is understanding.

Organic carrots and celery

Wedding needs:
Car for Bride and Groom and chauffer
Wedding hair help
Extra car on day of wedding to help with transporting various family members
Help with two special missions: code words tissues and hamper. Anyone interested could email Genevieve on

Many, many thanks for your donations, especially towards the intravenous vitamin c which is costing about $400, three times a week. All of his sessions so far have been covered by your generosity.

For Pete whose pain in his left arm is still really bad. He is back at work again and not able to rest it.
For Mum to get the rest that she needs.
For Dad. Raw, vegan food is not always overly appetizing. He sent Grace on a secret mission for him today. She came back with a packet of chips (stores for her birthday). We all laughed! Poor Dad though. Instead we gave him crackers with almond butter. I think he liked them.
Praise and thanks for all the ways He encourages us and for the many, many people who have gathered around to support us financially, practically, in prayer and with letters, phone calls, etc.


Our very handsome new grandson. I (Barbara) was meant to be flying over there today to be with Zach and Megan Smith and the children for six weeks. Now we are praying that they will be able to get a birth certificate and passport real quick for Jackson so that their whole family can come out for Charmagne Smith‘s wedding to Josh Downes September 10 in Palmerston North instead of October 22 in Australia.




I think only those with Facebook will be able to view the video at this stage.

24/8/11 evening

(Genevieve here again) Kaitlyn is amazing! Here she is diligently typing Dad’s diary up for uploading to the internet.

Jedediah is amazing! On Tuesday he ironed his shirt, prepared his papers and visited a lawyer in town to ask them to help him make an application to a Judge to receive a special license to enable him to take over Dad’s truck run. With Dad unable to drive and unable to run the Home Education Foundation there really is no income coming into the family (apart from the generous gifts and donations we have received. Thank you!) and Jed (at 13) is keen as mustard to shoulder some of the responsibility to help support the family. The lawyer said that he couldn’t get a special license as even these can’t be granted to people less than 16 years of age. So Jed is gearing up to visit our local MP about asking him to get Parliament to make a special act giving him permision.

Charmagne is amazing! At 9pm last night there were no flower girl dresses: just a pile of fabric and a pattern that needed major alterations. At 9am this morning Kaitlyn comes in and twirls around for us to admire Charmagne’s handiwork! All I got done in that time was sleep and Charmagne has managed not only to sleep but also to use some creativity to make not enough fabric go far enough, adjust a pattern piece and sew up the shell for Kaitlyn’s dress! Wilma Minnee kindly volunteered to help with the flower girl dresses and has taken away the shells Charmagne put together to finish them off, adding zips and hemming and whatnot. Thank you Wilma!

The Lord is so gracious with the weather. We’ve had such sunny, balmy days (or exciting snowy days) that it sure helps keep everyone in high spirits.

So do those wonderful meals that keep arriving at dinnertime: spicy, hot, Indian curries, nasi goreng with peanut sauce, apple pie, quiche…! The food the family is hoeing into is becoming more and more tempting to Dad! He is so committed though to eating this mainly vegan and raw diet. What a trooper!

Organic carrots
Hefty men who could take Dad for a walk during the day.

Prayer: That Zach and Megan will be able to make Charmagne’s wedding. Please pray that they will be able to get a birth certificate and passport for Jackson.  Thanks


We have made another difficult decison. We have moved Charmagne’s wedding from October 22 in Victoria, Australia to September 10 in Palmerston North. Charmagne is busy now making her wedding dress and packing.

Tonight we finalised our response for Grace’s exemption application.

23/8/11 evening

(Genevieve here) What would you think if I told you that you might happen across a couple of lovers ka-noodeling at 4 Tawa Street?

Would you think it was Josh and Charmagne? Well, it isn’t.

Would you think that it was Pete and Genevieve? It isn’t them either. Pete is back in Australia.

Who is it then? Craig and Barbara!

Laughing, joking, smooching, touching…those two are enjoying each other a great deal.

23/8/11 afternoon

We have a new grandchild. Zach rang this afternoon and told his Dad that he has his first Smith grandson. So we now have 4 grand-daughters and 2 grandsons – a de Deugd and a Smith. Please pray that Zach and Megan will be able to get a birth certificate and passport quickly for Jackson Taylor Smith. Thankyou.


(From Genevieve again) Dad and Mum seem to be really enjoying this forced extra time together as Mum assists him with daily ablutions and locomotion. They laugh together and joke about things. It is really nice.

And Dad continues as chipper as ever. Even when we might be tempted to feel stressed, we have only to look to him and see him whistling some great hymn of faith. He loves His Saviour and if the Lord does take him home, he is ready and eager even to go.

Dad is much worse today. Dr Minnee very kindly stopped by. He said that Dad has dense left sided homonymous hemianopia. When he writes out his diary he writes it on only 1/3 of the right side of the page. Dad is also jumbling things up quite frequently and making remarks that are simplistic/juvenile.

Organic carrots (for juicing) and organic celery.

A volunteer to help sew flower girl dresses for Kaitlyn and Grace for Charmagne’s wedding. We have a pattern and the fabric.

For Dad and his worsening symptoms – that he will not lose more mobility and functions.
For Mum that she will be strengthened in her task of caring for Dad. I’m quite concerned for her back as she assists Dad to stand and sit.
For Mum that she will get the sleep that she needs (the Lord gives to His beloved sleep).


God’s mercies are new EVERY morning. Today is another day to live for Him. Phil 4:19 “For me to live is Christ”. And let me tell you that Craig is living for Christ.

The day had a slow start. I got up at 6am and gave Craig his early morning dose of LifeOne Protocol. When I went into Craig  a couple of hours later I found that his left arm was hanging out of bed and very cold. It looked like he might be about to fall out of bed. But I arrived there before he fell out of bed thankfully. We have been looking forward to the day that Craig begins to reduce the Hydrocortisone that he is on. He had got up to having 120mg a day. Thankfully today we are reducing this to 105mg and on Monday, Lord Willing, we will be reducing it to 95mg. The side effect of these tablets is weight gain and Craig has gained about 6kg over 2 weeks. Now that he has some fluid retention it is prudent to be reducing the dose as we don’t want fluid retention in Craig’s brain. Well this morning we had trouble finding a pair of trousers to fit him. The 3rd pair we tried on finally only just fitted. We now look forward to some weight loss if we can keep reducing the Hydrocortisone. Craig is on a diet that should be helping him to loose heaps of weight.

The next few days we have to be even more alert to changes in Craig especially since we are reducing the Hydrocortisone. The LifeOne Protocol may have properly kicked in by now, if it is God’s Will, so the swelling may be reducing. If that is the case then we may not see any more deterioration in Craig. Or the swelling may still be a problem, if so we will see more deterioration today and will need to up the Hydrocortisone again.

We have had a very full day. Craig did some more filming for YouTube on home education. Several people rang and spoke with Craig. Then the van der Swaggs arrived for a visit. They came with us to watch Alanson playing in the Rugby League finals – they lost 26-12. After a shower at our good friends in their rainwater we had tea at home and a family meeting to discuss the future and in particular Josh and Charmagne’s wedding.

God is continuing to be meeting all our needs. We have had some wonderful donations which have paid for all of Craig’s needs up to date and there is some left over for next weeks intravenous Vit C treatment. So thank you very much. I trust that it wont be long and I will be able to thank you all personally. Charmagne managed to get a huge bunch of spray free celery at the flea market today. So that should see us through the first part of this coming week.


Our family (missing Megan, Cheyenh and Dusti – new baby has not made an appearance yet)

Our family plus Craig’s three sisters (missing Megan, Cheyenh and Dusti)

(Genevieve here again) Such interesting things have been going on around here:

A physiotherapist has visited twice in the past couple of days and been a great deal of assistance. Thanks to her Dad now has a comfortable sling and four-footed walking stick. She has also advised us about obtaining new footwear for Dad and is organizing a foot insert for Dad to help his ankle in his numb foot (often he will attempt to stand only to find his ankle is twisted and he is trying to stand on his ankle).

Years ago when I was at home and helping Dad with the Home Education Foundation my ambition was to take enough jobs off his plate to enable him time to write a book on home education. This never eventuated as instead he was called upon to dedicate time to fighting the repeal of section 59 of the Crimes Act – a battle we providentially lost. Last year I happened to search youtube for videos on home education. Apart from a rather remarkable Tim Dawkin clip entitled “Homeschool Family“, there really wasn’t much on youtube. It occurred to me that youtube was screaming for a home education expert to load clips answering all the usual questions people have about homeschooling. And I couldn’t help but think that Dad could be that man! Over the past week or so I canvassed the idea with Dad and Mum of videoing Dad answering various questions people have about home education. They were keen and yesterday Dad and I made a start. What a fun time we had. In the past two days we have recorded about 50 clips with Dad addressing questions such as, “What about socialization?” and “How should I select a curriculum?” and “Am I qualified to teach my children?” and “What does the Bible say about education?” I’m really excited about these recordings. Already we have uploaded lots of these clips to youtube and I hope that Dad’s expertise in the area of parents teaching/mentoring/discipling their children will be of benefit to many, many people worldwide through youtube. We hope to record a number of clips particularly addressing fathers and I’m hopefull that youtube will prove an excellent medium for encouraging fathers to take up the responsibility to teach their children and lead their families in home education in a way that books have not been able to. Dad has got the goods! It is so exciting to share his knowledge with others in this way! You can view these clips by typing, “Craig Smith” and “home education” into youtube or by clicking here.

My husband, Pete, really makes this possible. He is the one who made the call to bring us to New Zealand and who desires to be of assistance to Dad and Mum during this difficult time. He is a kind and generous man, a dutiful son-in-law and the best husband and father a woman could ask for.

Jedediah has spent the past couple of days gathering together character references and a cover letter and went with Mum today to the AA to see about getting a special exemption to drive and take over Dad’s truck run to help support the family. They gave him a phone number: “Call this.” He made the call and was devastated when in less than two minutes they said, “No.” Dad and I encouraged him, “Don’t worry Jed. If we need to, we’ll get an MP to do a private member’s bill asking for a special act of Parliament to allow you to drive.” [Being home educators, you know we’d be up to trying such a thing!] “In the meantime, Jed, now might be time to check what the law says about giving special exemptions to drive.” So Jed did and discovered that he would need to make an application before a Judge. Well, now this sounds good! Jed is going to go to court in the next few days to pick up application forms (if such things exist) to fill out and file.

In many ways I believe Dad continues to gradually worsen as his symptoms increase. He can’t remember how to do sudoku. He often sits in his chair at the table listening to what is going on around him rather than joining in or being the centre of the conversation (this is a symptom which saddens me at times). I think perhaps his eyesight is being effected as he has a hard time focusing he says when reading and is very deliberate with each word when he reads aloud during devotions.

However…good news! His doctor in the USA says that the fact that he is still mobile and doesn’t have a roaring headache or nausea is a miracle. He doesn’t think Dad is going to get paralyzed. AND! We are tentatively going to begin lowering his hydrocortisone. It is the steriod to manage the swelling around the tumour. A side effect is that it causes fluid retention which is likely increasing the pressure in Dad’s brain. So we’ll slowly decrease the hydrocortisone while watching carefully for symptoms and hoping that we’re both on top of the swelling and that this will lessen the fluid retention.

Request that we will make the right judgments with regard to lowering Dad’s hydrocortisone.
Request that a Judge will view Jed’s application favourably and give him permission to take over Dad’s truck run.
Thanks for the man who has volunteered to give Jed intensive driver training should Jed be given permission.
Praise for Wibo de Jonge and the van der Wees who keep us stocked with bore water for Dad to drink and rainwater for him to brush his teeth and wash his hands with. These people really bend over backwards to supply these needs and we are tremendously grateful.
Praise for the many wonderful people who bring around very tasty, gourmet meals for us all (we have eaten very well on the most wonderful roasts, stews, indian dishes, pavlova, pie, lasagne, chocolate cake and more).
Thanks for answered prayer in the form of improvement in Pete’s arm. It has been a lot less painful the past two days (since asking for prayer and giving him some of Dad’s medicine! Vitamin c, curcumin and a natural anti-inflamitory).
Praise for the WONDERFUL weather we are having here in Palmerston North. Between the snow and the sun, it helps to keep everyone in high spirits!            Praise that we can get the intravenous Vitamin C here in Palmerston North twice a week. Praise that donations that have come in so far cover the cost of the treatment Dad has had so far plus the herbal treatment we are giving Dad. It looks like each intravenous Vitamin C treatment will be somewhere between $322 to $427 depending on how much Vitamin C is given to Dad.

Needs: Organic celery – Dad is suffering fluid retention and our dr in the USA has suggested we give Dad more celery to help with that. He suggested that we give him half carrot and half celery as a juice several times a day. The Organic shop in Palmerston North had no celery last time we were in the shop. We only have a very small amount in our garden. If you can help with this we would be very grateful. Thankyou.

Be sure to read Dad’s diary if you have not read it yet:

18/8/11 evening

This morning Genevieve videoed Craig speaking about home education. We now have a few of these up on Youtube:

18/8/11 morning

(Genevieve here again) Many folks have lent or given us some interesting and helpful and informative books when they heard about Dad’s diagnosis. Here is a list of just some of them including some of the books we already owned and have utilized:

Cancer: Outside the Box by Ty Bollinger
Faith on Trial: Studies in Psalm 73 by D Martyn Lloyd-Jones
Homeward Bound: Preparing Your Family for Eternity by Edward A Hartman
World Without Cancer: The Story of Vitamin B17 by G Edward Griffin
Cancer-Free by Bill Henderson

How To Cure Almost Any Cancer At Home For $5.15 A Day
From Cancer to Wellness by Kristine S Matheson
Curing the Incurable: Vitamin C, Infectious Disesases, and Toxins by Thomas E Levy, MD, JD (second book in link)
Healing Foods by Miriam Polunin
Prescription for Nutritional Healing: A Practical A-to-Z Reference to Drug-Free Remedis Using Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs and Food Supplements by Phyllis Balch, CNC and James Balch, MD
Rejuvenate Your Life: Recipes for Energy by Serene Allison
Recipes for Life from God’s Garden by Rhonda Malkmus
Anti-Cancer Anti Heart Attack Cookbook by Ross Horne and Toni Bobbin
God’s Way to Ultimate Health: A Common Sense Guide for Elimnating Sickness through Nutrition by Dr George Malkmus (A Hallelujah Acres/Diet Book)

The Christian Counselor’s Medical Desk Reference by Robert D Smith MD

Pain The Plight of Fallen Man by James Halla MD

When a Christian Parent Dies by Jay E Adams

When a Christian Spouse Dies by Jay E Adams

17/8/11 evening

These days are so incredibly busy. The few days between learning that Craig’s numbness was caused by a brain tumour 29 July until our trip to Wellington 4/5 August we unloaded Craig from all that he does for the Home Education Foundation, the truck run, Church, and everything else.  July 29 we also contacted our good friend Ty Bollinger author of  Cancer Outside the Box. Ty immediately contacted a dr in the USA, who Ty said, was the best cancer dr in the USA. Ty posted us lifeOne Protocol that day and told us to also get Boswellia and Artemisinin which a friend brought online for us. We also got our NZ dr to prescibe for Craig Hydrocortisone tablets for swelling.

As soon as we came home from Wellington we got into high gear. That night Craig began on Boswellia and Artemisinin and the Hydrocortisone tablets and the Elders of our Church came around and shared verses with us and prayed for Craig and anointed him with Oil. The next morning we began on an incredible journey. Genevieve became our researcher. She sped read several books. She has researched almost all the links you have shared with us. Our phones were constantly busy. Ty managed to get Craig in as a patient of his dr friend in the USA for which we are very grateful. As Genevieve researched all the products and links you shared with us she also run them past our USA dr to see if they went well with the lifeOne Protocol.

These are the things that we now have Craig on. We have had him on others things and we are constantly changing as new information comes to hand and as blood tests show needs Craig has. Craig begins the day with scraping his tongue, he follows this with a Hemp seed oil pulling. I rub Magnesium Chloride into Craig’s body. Then throughout the day he has lifeOne Protocol, Boswellia, Artemisinin, Hydrocortisone tablets, Fibre Cleanse, Lypospheric Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Carrot/greens Juice, Apricot Kernals, MAX GXL, Ascorbic acid, Viscum alb O, Selenium Drops, Maca, Primadophilus Optima, Dandelion Leaf, Breakfast Herbs, Colloidal Silver, Barley Greens, Whey Protein Drink, Go Healthy CO-Q10, Virgin Coconut Oil, Sacha Inchi Powder, Chia Seeds, Iodine Oral Drops, Probiotica, Supreme B, Wheat Grass Leaf Powder, Curcu GelVitra, Flax seed oil, Rooisbos tea, Fresh squeezed lemon and Melatonin. Some of these we give several times a day and others once a day. I test Craig’s PH level a couple of times a day. Craig has now also started to get Intravenous Vitamin C twice a week.

Along with all of that Charmagne is making up incredible creations in the kitchen for Craig to eat. He is now not allow anything that will feed the cancer. So he is not allowed any sugar, carbohydrates, white foods – potatoes etc, diary or processed foods of any kind. So all fruit is now out. His basic diet is vegetables, seeds, grains and berries- all organic. We were letting him have apples and pears but recently we have taken them off his diet. His dr in the USA urged us very strongly to add in organic meats of all kinds. Mutton is especially good as well as very small fish – just a small amount each day. Very little of Craig’s food is cooked and if it is it is either broiled or baked.

We are also looking at everything else to see what can be changed to help Craig. So he has had his root canal out. He drinks deep well water and we use rain water for washing his vegetables, utensils and crockery. A friend washes his clothes in rain water and he takes a shower at this friends home. Cancer feeds on  Chlorine which is in our town supply water.

So now I want to thank you all for your donations to us. Your donations are going towards:

Root canal extraction $850.00 (Our immune systems go first for bacteria, then something else, then the cancer. Root canals always have some bacteria left which causes problems. Ty talks about this at length in his book Cancer Outside the Box. So we are trying to eliminate this source of bacteria to help Craig’s immune system to go straight for the cancer.

Organic shop: we go there most days. Today I spent $400.00 there. My order came to $418.95 then I remembered that I had not brought in my bottle for cider vinegar. So they refilled one of their bottles for me. As I came to pay for it all they decided to toss the cider vinegar in as well as knock off the $18.95.Thankyou.

Intravenous Vit C cost $152.15 today. That cost may rise as Craig gets higher doses each time – it takes longer to give higher doses.

Blood tests – he has two tomorrow that will cost $25.oo and $19.10. Because Craig is now a Palliative patient he will only be treated Palliatively. So I  think we have to pay for anything outside the box – all our own treatment now. Since Craig turned down the biopsy and consequentually all medical care the health system is all set up to help Craig die as painlessly and comfortably as possible. So now, I believe, we have to pay for any medical things we want done ourselves. So that will include regular blood tests and MRIs. The first MRI we want will be about the end of September, if the Lord allows Craig to live that long. I am not sure how much MRIs cost yet.

The lifeOne Protocol is not cheap either. Ty has gifted us the first 12 bottles of lifeOne Protocol and the first 3 bottles of Supreme B. Thankyou Ty. I think that this will cost us about US$500+ plus postage a month for the first couple of months then about half that for the months that follow.

We are thankful, too, for those who have sent us items. This has made it so much easier to get started on essential items like Lypospheric Vitamin C. Thankyou Penny. Genevieve is aware of so much more in this area at this stage. Thankyou to those who have donated us items and others thankyou for lifting our burden when we were first battling this and just sending us the items. We will try to fix you all up soon.

I just want to thank you all again for your prayers, cards, comments, visits, phone calls, verses shared with us, and your donations which are helping us to get the best care possible for Craig. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou.

Please continue to pray for us that the Lord will complete His work in our family, for His will to be perfected in us, and please pray for the Lord’s grace, strength and the comfort of the Holy Spirit to be ours. Thankyou.


Charmagne (with Natalie’s help) lovingly preparing her Dad’s meals (oops the name plates are a bit crooked)

Rain water in the white container in the foreground – Cancer feeds on Chlorine as well as sugar

(Update by Genevieve again) Well, what a day!

Overseas trips cancelled. Others booked. Changes made to Dad’s medicine regime and some supplement decisions vindicated!

Alanson and Charmagne were due to travel to Australia for the Daniel 2:44 conference. They decided for certain last night not to go and to cancel their trip. Part of the reason for the trip was to fulfill a legal requirement for Charmagne that she meet with the minister that is to marry her to sign papers at least a month before the marriage. However she has discovered that these papers can be signed before a Notary Public here in New Zealand so she and Josh are off to do this in the next couple of days.

Pete has booked to return home on Monday with Natalie and Caleb. With me to return at the end of next week all going well.

We have received a vitamin B supplement from our doctor in the USA known as Supreme B. So changes to Dad’s medicine regime will include dropping the vitamin B supplements he is currently taking and replacing them with the Supreme B.

Part of our research said that cancer patients are often vitamin D deficient. We talked to a couple of doctors and vitamin experts who recommended Dad begin taking, 20,000iu s of vitamin D a day. The bottle says to just take 1,000iu s. So we bit the bullet about a week ago and began giving Dad 20,000iu s as well as trying to get him outside and in the sun between 11am and 1pm every day. We received a phone call from our doctor today giving us the results of a blood test that was taken about a week ago (before we began giving Dad so much vitamin D). It came back that Dad was very vitamin D deficient. We told him about our vitamin D regime, he checked his book and told us that in a case of vitamin D deficiency like Dad’s 50,000iu s would be appropriate for a period fo ten days! We were pretty excited that we were on the right track! So a prescription is coming our way and we’ll be upping Dad’s vitamin D for a period before going back down onto a maintainance dose.

And the blood test results also came back for the intravenous vitamin C. Apparently Dad’s blood has the enzymes needed to handle a dose of intravenous vitamin C so Dad is going in for his first round this afternoon.

Dad is as chipper as ever. His dropping lips can given him the appearance of being sober. However, it is quite clear that his heart and mind are at peace. Dad is such a good example of bearing with hardship. He is marginally weaker today and more prone to stumble. Earlier he stood up by himself and made as if to take off walking across the room. Several people jumped up to come to the assistance of this renegade! Good ole Dad! But it does make us nervous to have him attempting to walk by himself!

Prayer points:
Praise and thanks to the Lord that Zach made it home safely and that Megan still has not had the baby. She is about 39 weeks now. The previous two both came quite early.
Praise and thanks for the church elders who continue to visit to encourage and pray for Dad.
Praise and thanks for Dr Martin Minnee who is our friend, elder and GP. His concern for Dad, the medical care he provides and the way he works in with or advises us against our medical decisions is truly appreciated. He is a gift from God.
Praise and thanks to Ty Bollinger for gifting so much LifeOne protocol to us.
Request for healing for Pete and the ache in his left arm (he can’t lift a glass of water without intense pain).
Request for guidance for Pete as he heads back to Victoria and resumes business and faces the backlog.
Request for Caleb and Natalie that they will be well behaved for Pete in Australia.
Request for Mum that she will get the rest she needs (He gives to His beloved sleep).
Request that Jed will be able to get permission to begin driving early.
Thanks for all the people who have provided such excellent organic foods. Yesterday two bottles of fresh organic coldpressed olive oil were delivered. Delicious. Dad has been enjoying it on his salads and even used some in his oil pulling regime this morning.

Organic fish.

Be sure to read Dad’s diary if you have not read it yet:

16/8/11 evening

Genevieve holding Caleb while talking with Zach

Pete and Genevieve’s two oldest children Natalie and Caleb (Two of Craig and Barbara’s five Grandchildren)

(Genevieve here again) In many ways Dad hasn’t degressed any. And yet, in many subtle ways we are noticing lots of little things: slowness in thought, slowness in reading, slowness in movement. He is not very coordinated or balanced on his left side. Anyone walking him needs to be really on the ball to help him or catch him. We might be talking about events due to happen in September and he consistently thinks it is going to clash with things organised for August.

Poor Dad.

His sisters have left and boy do we miss them. They brought a great deal of cheer with them. They all had to leave earlier than expected so as to get out before the weather worsened and it turned out to be the right decision as their other flights were cancelled.

Jed is working on his letter to the transport authorities in this country regarding permission to hold a license at an early age and is rounding up character references from friends and family to accompany it. If I were the transport authorities I’d let him get a license.

Back in 1909 there were two lads, Bud and Temple Abernathy, who at the ages of 9 and 5 years of age asked their father for permission to ride their horses from Oklahoma to New Mexico…alone. They were given permission and proved during that journey that they had the skill, courage and tenacity to face such an adventure and all the dangers they encountered along the way (wild donkeys and wolves and quicksand). Their story is recounted in an amazing book entitled Bud and Me which is available from Vision Forum.

After that trip to New Mexico they made another trip to New York and other trips driving automobiles and riding motorcyles. They had a lof of grit those boys and it seems like we ought to be able to raise boys with grit nowadays too. Giving a young fellow a chance to prove himself and support his family as Jed wants to do would be one way to encourage such grit.

For Pete who has had a debilitating problem with is left arm and can’t lift a glass of water without it hurting a great deal.
For the children as they observe their dad worsening.
Thanks for the kind people who brought around a huge pile of organic chicken today. We were flabbergasted.

The Lord tells us to be anxious for nothing but by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving to let our requests be made known God. He then promises that the peace of God which surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. What wonderful promises! What a great God we serve!

16/8/11 morning

This morning is a glorious morning after the snow of last night, which is still on the ground and a frost. The snow has turned icy but it didn’t stop the children from having fun in it. Grace enjoyed jumping on the tramp breaking the icy snow up. We could hear the snow bouncing on the tramp with Grace from the kitchen, and we had the door shut. (We got busy and I didn’t get this update finished.)


Pete and Genevieve’s son, Caleb, Craig’s only grandson

Craig showing his coin collection to Zach and Alanson while Pete and Caleb watch

(Genevieve here again) “Today has been the best day of my whole entire life!” said 5 year old Gracie tonight after spending many happy hours playing in the falling snow. We actually had so much snow fall here at 4 Tawa Street, Palmerston North that she and Kaitlyn were able to build a snow man complete with stick arms, carrot nose and straw hat!

None of us can believe it snowed here at all here in Palmerston North let alone that it snowed so much.

The rest of us spent many happy hours talking with Auntie Susie, Sally and Stacey. It has been SUCH a joy to have them here with us. We have shared so many stories, reminisced over the past and gotten updated about the present. Tonight Charmagne and Josh told the Aunts their courtship story (with interjections from Dad, Mum and Pete). We videotaped it all. What fun. Josh and Charmagne’s children will enjoy watching that one day (Lord willing).

Dad’s lips/mouth on the left hand side is really drooping now and he is speaking a lot more slowly and deliberately. A little bit of sadness sneaks into my heart when I see him like this.

At devotions we invariably sing “The Earth Belongs to the Lord” to Jeremiah Clark’s Trumpet Voluntary. Josh and Charmagne want to sing it at their wedding. Dad is determined to be at their wedding in Victoria, Australia in October 2011 to put Charmagne’s hand into Joshua’s. He talks about this a lot.We want him there too!

Dad is such a good example to us of how a man faces the prospect of death and how he deals with a debilitating physical condition. Not a word of complaint. And even though his diet has changed radically to food he would have considered completely unappetizing he consistently and enthusiastically complements the chef after each meal. Charmagne does do a magnificent job on his food, but it must be a killer to watch the rest of us enjoying food that is forbidden to him at present.

Thanksgiving to God. What a time He has appointed for us. We are learning and growing so much and enjoying this time as a family a great, great deal.            Thanksgiving to God that Zach got home before Megan went into labour.                                                                                                                                                              Very special thanks to God that Dad’s symptoms are not as bad as they could be. Apparently it is common for those with similar brain tumours to experience insomnia, mood swings/changes, severe headaches, nausea, paralysis and other debilitating feelings and loss of functions. Dad’s headache did worsen today (a 3-4 out of 10 now) and he is completely numb on his left side, unable to move from a to b without assistance and is losing track of time and muddling other matters in which he was previously an expert, and does have difficulty drinking because of his numb lips, but otherwise, he is great. Chipper, cheerful, remembering the past and able to instruct and lead us. It is simply wonderful and we are VERY grateful to the Lord for these mercies.
For wisdom for the family and complete selflessness if Dad’s condition does deteriorate and/or he passes away.
Request that Dad would recover completely, swiftly and miraculously.                                                                                                                                                                     Request for 2 of Dad’s sisters to be able to fly home tomorrow. Most flights were canceled today because of snow.

Organic fish, chicken, beef and lamb for Dad (he is allowed and encouraged by our doctor in the USA to eat 60 grams of animal protein a day).


Surely my soul remembers And is bowed down within me.

This I recall to my mind, Therefore I have hope.

The LORD’S lovingkindnesses indeed never cease, For His compassions never fail.

It is good that he waits silently For the salvation of the LORD.

They are new every morning; Great is Your faithfulness.

“The LORD is my portion,” says my soul, “Therefore I have hope in Him.”

The LORD is good to those who wait for Him, To the person who seeks Him.


Lam 3:20-26

14/8/11 evening – some photos

Craig with  Zach, Charmagne, Kaitlyn, Grace, Pete, Natalie, and Caleb going through his top drawer

Craig with Grace and two of his grandchildren Natalie and Caleb


(Genevieve here again) When Dad and Mum would talk about in the future reaching a point of being elderly we children would always tell them not to worry about it. “You’ve got eight insurance policies. You’ve got eight retirement plans,” we’d tell them. While Zach was here we took the opportunity to discuss the practicalities of this as it looked like maybe the retirement plans might need to be put into place sooner than we expected. It was really good being able to talk about these things face to face and to reinforce that we are all on the same page with this.

Dad has always been good to instruct us that Biblically a father is supposed to provide an inheritance to his children. But we also know that if he hasn’t or is unable to that it is still our duty to care for our parents physically and financially.

We had a special gift tonight: it was snowing in our backyard. That is the first time any of us have seen anything so like snow before in Palmertson North. The little de Deugds and Smiths ran inside and then back outside again showing us the ice particles that had fallen on their heads.

We had a long devotion tonight. Dad started reading in the book of Ezekial (of late we’ve been reading through Jeremiah and Lamentations…not exactly chipper portions of Scripture!). He read and read and read. We really got a good portion of the story. It went on forever. Normally we’d not mention such a thing. We’d enjoy it. Tonight it brought tears to eyes. Another symptom was revealing itself to us. It had manifested itself earlier when Dad couldn’t remember what time the evening church service started. Dad is loosing track of time. After devotions we sent off an email to our doctor in the USA. He needs to be kept up to date with all of Dad’s symptoms.

For Mum that she would get the rest she needs.


(Genevieve here again) Mud, rain and sweat.

That is what Dad will be experiencing right about now. He and his sisters and most of the family has treked outside to watch a big league game Alanson is playing today.

The doctors said Dad should be feeling terrible right now: headaches, nausea and the works, but he feels great. The Lord is very gracious! Apart from His mercy, I’m inclined to attribute it to the juicing (thanks Jessica).

The hospital thought he’d be paralysed by now, but he’s not. Certainly he is numb and uncoordinated and can’t be left to walk by himself because he is so prone to stumble. But he is not paralysed. Our doctor in the USA has advised that if he does not become paralyzed within the next two weeks it would be time to have a BIG party!

Every day that Dad does not get worse is a real step forwards. It was big news to our doctor in the USA this morning that Dad wasn’t showing any new symptoms. Happy news!

The Lord is so good to us.

Zach’s flight to the USA today was cancelled due to fog. He has managed to rebook his flights and leaves tomorrow now. Please pray he’ll get home before the baby arrives!

Steven Sandbrook spent the day with us on Mum’s birthday photographing all the goings on. He perfectly captured all the moments during the day that have become precious to us: giving Dad his medicine, Kaitlyn faithfully helping Genevieve with her research, Dad telling us stories and showing us through his treasure/momento drawer, Charmagne fixing Dad’s meals, Dad writing his diary, Maree Sandbrook typing it up and Mum loading it to the webpage. Thank you so much Steven. You have caught such special memories and we’ll value these pictures for years to come.

It is really wonderful to see the men getting together to assist Dad.

Pete and Zach have primarily been the ones to assist Dad from location to location. While Josh is here he will take Zach’s place and will help Dad to do some weight lifting exercises. Alanson and Jeremiah are considering what time they can get off and how they can organize their hours to be of assistance to Dad during the day in the weeks to come. Alanson is installing a heat transfer duct from the lounge to the master bedroom to help with any potential mold problems. And Jedediah (13)  is planning to write a letter to Whomever It May Concern regarding getting permission to get his driver’s license early so that he can take over the truck run and help to support the family financially.

Everybody is pulling together.

And then there is the church. What can be said about the stunning love, support and encouragement we have received from our local congregation? Let me see if I can list even some of the things they have done to bless us:

1. Elders visited Dad, prayed for him, encouraged him from Scripture and annointed him with oil.
2. Deacons visited to enquire whether we need any assistance: practical, financial, etc.
3. Deacons wives have organised families from the church to provide the evening meal for every night last week and for this coming week also.
4. Individuals from the church come to juice carrots for Dad, take away his washing, have invited Dad to shower in their unchlorinated water, provide us with fresh rainwater for Dad to wash his hands and teeth with, provide us with homegrown vegetables for Dad, type up Dad’s diary, help with ordering Dad’s medication, have lent us a caravan for all the visitors, a buggy, bouncer and basinette for baby Evangeline and have offered us a whole mountain of disposable nappies for her as well. And do we need an extra car for all these visitors? Would my daughter be of assistance to you to help you cook or clean or care for the littlies? And is there anything else we can do?

Amazing. And humbling. We are so grateful to the local congregation.

And then there is the larger community of saints, friends and relatives. These folks (you all) call, email, phone and send cards of encouragement. You’ve made suggestions, told us about alternative therapies and protocols, put us in contact with key people, sent us herbs and medicines, sent us financial donations and provided us with wonderful amounts of fruit and vegetables.

The encouragement and the PRAYERS you all give sustain us a great deal. We thank you.

Alanson’s team is apparently winning (the Aunts are doing a fantastic job at cheering them on).

Until tomorrow, God bless you all for the blessing you have been to us.

Organic avacados (cholosterol helps fight cancer)

That Dad will not become paralyzed in the next two weeks so that radiation will not be necessary.
Many thanks to God for all He is doing in our lives, for how He is teaching us to trust Him, fear Him and find our hope in Him and for the peace He has given us to be able to trust Him no matter what happens.

Postscript:  Alanson’s team won their semi final game 42-0

12/8/11 evening

(Genevieve here again) Pete was talking to two and a half year old Natalie about Grandad. Grandad is very ill. He might die. Natalie amazed us by piping up, “He go…see God!”

Yes, he will and this brings great joy and comfort to know this and to know that those in Christ never say goodbye for the last time.

If he dies, Dad is going to meet his Saviour and in time, we will join him! Joy wells up at the thought.

And yet, his death would leave a gaping hole in our lives by his absence. We will be trusting the Lord for much. The Lord is good. He is worthy of such trust. He is faithful and He will help us.

We have this confidence in Him.

Today, however, Dad is alive. And that is cause for celebration!

And celebrate we did! It was Mum’s 60th. Dad’s three sisters flew in and so did Josh, Charmagn’e fiancee. We feasted, we sang, we enjoyed one another’s company.Steven Sandbrook kindly spent the day with us taking photos to record this happy time. Auntie Suzie, Sally and Stacey shared with us stories from their childhoods about Dad. There was the time when Auntie Sally was holding onto a horse’s bridle when it whipped its head up and hit her in the face. Instantly her face puffed up around one eye. Dad was really concerned about her and led her home really carefully. He brought her tenderly to thier mom with the explanation, “Mom, Sally’s eye popped out!” Grandma saw a black and blue child and went into hysterics until the plumber in their house took a look at Sally and said, “There is nothing wrong with her. She’s just going to have a good shiner tomorrow!” Poor Dad, I think he’d gotten a real scare!

Dad is doing about the same. He needs help getting dressed and can’t be left to walk anywhere by himself because of the risk of him stumbling and falling.

He had a CT scan today in preparation for starting a round of radiation in a couple of weeks. We hope it won’t be necessary and if Dad’s symptoms don’t worsen and if he does begin to improve then it won’t be.

Your prayers would be very much valued that the Lord would heal Dad completely, swiftly and miraculously.

Also prayer for the younger ones that the Lord would prepare them, be with them and comfort them through this time. They are being wonderful and are such helps, but it is a sad and uncertain time for them.

Zach leaves for Illinois in the morning. Please pray that he will make it back home before the baby arrives.

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. We appreciate it so much.

12/8/2011 afternoon

(Genevieve here again) The Aunties are here! From California and from British Columbia they have arrived bringing with them some of the wildest senses of humour, fun and crazyness with them. We love them all and are absolutely delighted to have them with us right now. Charmagne is on her way to collect Josh from the airport. We are going to have a happy and full house.

All these additions to the family are here in time for a big birthday dinner for Mum. It is her 60th birthday.

Months ago the family organised to gift to Mum a trip to the USA for her 60th to visit Zach and Megan. How much has changed since then. Her trip is cancelled and instead of being in the USA for Zach’s sake (to help care for Cheyenh and Dusti while Megan is in labour) Zach is here for Mum’s sake.

Happy Birthday Mum!

12/8/2011 8:ooam

It should be a bit hard to celebrate a birthday, make a wedding dress, be enjoying family at a time like this but it is amazing we are at perfect peace as we trust in our Almighty God.

Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou for all the organic vegetables. We just received a fantastic box of organic carrots. Thankyou.

We have enough carrots with what we had here now to last a couple weeks and we have enough greens to last a couple of days.

Thankyou so very much everyone for your prayers, gifts and messages.


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