September 27, 2023

Susan Sullivan’s Tribute (Craig’s sister)

Unfortunately none of Craig’s immediate family were able to make the journey to attend his funeral. But make no mistake, we are all here in spirit. My sisters and myself were lucky enough to come for a short, but necessary visit this last August. Though quite painful and heart wrenching, we all felt blessed that we were able to see our brother one last time.

Craig and I were just one year apart. He was an exceptionally good looking child with white-blonde hair and big, soft, dark brown eyes.When he was starting 1st grade, his blonde hair started to darken. I remember mom sitting his on the kitchen counter and dying his hair back to blonde. Dad had an absolute fit!! But that was my first impression that, I guess, my brother was considered “cute.”

Craig and I were very close as teenagers growing up. We had the same friends and were involved in similar activities in high school. I NEVER remember ANYONE ever saying an unkind word about my brother. He treated everyone with a genuine sense of kindness and fairness that was unusual for his age. I was always amazed that people would do anything for him. The guys and the girls all thought the world of him. He recognized this gift, but he didn’t abuse the power.

We really needed each other during this period in our lives. Dad had died a few years earlier. Life, understandably, was difficult without a father. We grew to depend upon each other.

In 1970,Mom left on a trip to Mexico and took the two younger girls with her. That meant she left Jeff, Craig and me at home ALONE FOR THE WHOLE SUMMER!!!! I look back on that and can’t believe we survived!! We all had jobs and worked most everyday. Craig delivered portable toilets and cold drinks for the farm workers out in the fields. I worked in the packing house packing peaches. Jeff worked in the ice house shipping the produce. At that time, the social climate in the United States was violent protests, drugs and demonstrations!! And here we were…3 teenagers alone and all we did was work.

About 3 years later, Craig and was in New Zealand living with Mom, Sally and Stacey. I came for a visit during College break. I remember Craig was done with College, but he just didn’t know what he really wanted to do. He was confused and unsettled with his “life-path.”He ultimately decided to stay in New Zealand and not return to the U.S. Shortly thereafter, he got involved with the church, met Barbara and the rest in history. It was clear to all of us he finally found his “nich.”

He took hold of Barbara and God and never looked back. He knew this was his destiny. You know, Craig always said to me “You’re so fearless.” But, it seems to me , HE was the one who was fearless. He found his calling in life which was God and Family. And, he was 100% true to that belief until God brought him home.

We love you, Craig and will always miss you.

Susan and family