September 22, 2023

Genevieve’s Certificate of Exemption 21/3/86

1.  On Tuesday 4 March 1986 we rang Mr Johnson, the Headmaster at Russell Street School, to say that we want to apply for an exemption and to ask what we should do first.

2. Wednesday 5 March 1986 Mr Johnson rang us back to say first we must write him a letter requesting the exemption and why. (He would be forwarding the letter to inspectors).

3. Tuesday 11 March Genevieve and Craig hand delivered the letter requesting the exemption to Mr Johnson in his office at Russell Street School.

Dear Mr Johnson,

My eldest daughter, Genevieve ……… ….. whose birthdate is .. ….. 1980 attains the age of 6 years this month. Please consider this letter as my formal request that she be exempted from enrolment.

As my wife and I searched the Scripture for God’s ordinances regarding the education of our children, we have come to the conviction that we must keep our children home and educate them ourselves. The main reason is that the Bible indicates that it is our duty as parents before God to provide a Christ-centered education for our children. And of course the secular state school system is simply not set up to do this.

We have a separate building on our section which functions as a class room. It contains desks, a library and craft area. Both my wife and I have successfully completed a home-teacher training course with the Accelerated Christian Educaion — Parent Home Education Programme directed by Mr D Worboys. We are using the A.C.E. materials, and supplementing as we see the need.

Yours Sincerely,

Craig S Smith

4.  Mr Johnson visited us Friday 21 March 1986 to hand us a Certificate of Exemption dated 21/3/86 stating that an inspector was bound to visit at least once a year. He also offered to get a copy of the syllubusses used at Russell Street to help us meet the same material covered in the State System.