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1. Anonymous

2. Submission made online

3. Against forced child care from age 3

4. Don’t want our rights to raise our children taken from us

5. Children’s best interests would NOT be served by compulsory attendance at E.C. E. facilities

6. One size does not fit all

7. The bill actively discriminates against beneficiaries

8. Blatant discrimination of those receiving a benefit

9. Young children do best in all aspects of life in the care of their family

10. Healthy people build healthy communities. Healthy family attachments build healthy people.

11.  From a single Mother

12. ECE doesn’t seem to suit every child

13. It is institutional misogyny

14. I strongly disagree that children so young (3 years) need to be in Early Childhood Centre

15. From a Solicitor and Notary Public and mother of four children

16. Importance of establishing secure attachment relationships during infancy in order to optimise brain development

17.  I feel my own family will suffer majorly if this Bill was to pass

18.  I am a 20 year old single male

19. For many children ‘later’ is better than ‘earlier’ when it comes to institutional education

20. Three year olds are far too young to be away from their parents

21. This is unfair and discriminatory

22. The Bill is discriminatory and marginalises beneficiaries

23.  Motherless and Fatherless children of NZ forced to have the only parent they have taken away!

24. An enforced separation of parent and child at the hands of government in exchange for financial assistance is both cruel and contrary to the nature of our free society

25. Every child and every family is different!

26.  This legislation targets good parents – not the bad ones

27. The government is saying that because I’m a solo parent I’m unable to make the right decisions for my children

28. This is the worst kind of government interference into how people choose to raise their families

29.  It is offensive that the job my mother has done and so many other single parents do, is so under-valued

30. ECE is not beneficial and is not and can not be a substitute for a caring, loving home environment

31.  Trust good parents to make good decisions

32.  I am a mother, not a babysitter and I absolutely oppose this bill

33. Trafficking, extortion, kidnapping, slavery and deception

34. This is invasive legislation discriminating against excellent parents and removing their freedom to raise their children in a secure loving environment and not going to achieve better lives for neglected children

35. This proposed bill will show the New Zealand Government to be punitive and untrustworthy

36.  Children do not belong to the state

37. From Romania: Please learn from the mistakes others did in history! Thank you!

38. Children need to be with their family, and nurtured, they must not be treated as tools to force parents to comply with this bill.

39.  I also believe it enforces the detachment of children from their parents at an age which can be detrimental for many

40.  The bill falsely presumes that all beneficiaries’ children are at risk

41. A child’s right is to be with their parents. To be loved and nurtured and protected.

42. Family Integrity’s Submission

43. In it’s breadth it overshoots and impinges on the basic rights of dedicated and thinking parents such as myself

44. Please do the right thing and don’t sully New Zealand’s reputation: vote down this bill

45. It is a well researched, known and documented fact that it is parental involvement that makes the difference in regards to educational outcomes, not the institutional education of a child

46. Keep our mana intact, don’t steal our children

47.  Reject compulsory ECE

48. From a small Home Education Support Group

49. This National government would be well advised and warned to examine carefully the agendas of those who have promoted, lobbied for and recommended the actions in this bill in order to maintain peace, good relations, civility and lawful behaviour in our communities

50. Introducing this bill will not achieve a healthy end result for the wonderful country we live in

51. Staying in the home saves everyone money including the government money in not having to fund ECE’s

52. New Zealand jails are full of people who went to school not people who were home-educated

53. Submission from the USA — Author of “Raising Real Men: Surviving, Teaching and Appreciating Boys”

54. To be a beneficiary in Christchurch with an added ‘bonus’ of this reform will utterly destroy some

55. Those Who Would Give Away Their Children for Money, Deserve Neither Children NOR Money

56. I believe the Welfare Reform Bill to be invalid not only for human rights breaches but also as a Maori for the breach of Article 2 of the Treaty and the breach of the UNDRIP which was endorsed by government in 2010.

57.  Home-educated children do HALF of all the BAD CITIZEN things and DOUBLE all of the GOOD CITIZEN things

58. Stephen’s submission

59. We are people, Real People

60. Home Education Foundation’s submission

61.  I worked at an Early Childhood Center before our little ones were born, we would never send our children to an Early Childhood Education Center

62. The negative impact of early education is well documented and well ignored by government

63.  What a step backwards this bill is!

64. If you are deprived of love and affection as a child then key areas of your brain which are responsible for your personality don’t get wired up correctly

65. A good government does not come into people’s homes and tell them how to raise their children

66. I see this Bill as an abuse on young children and their parents

67. Samuel Blight’s submission

68. Submission from Poland

69. Tarnya’s submission

70. This is a poor attempt at trying to tackle New Zealand’s benefit problems!

71. Is this law about the mighty dollar or about social engineering?

72. Are 100% of beneficiaries to be treated as though they need to be kept away from their children

73. Barbara Smith’s submission

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Social Security (Benefit Categories and Work Focus) Amendment Bill

Make a submission: Reject compulsory Early Education for 3 year olds

Please put in a submission asking the Select Committee to reject this Bill. Thankyou

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