September 21, 2023

Against forced child care from age 3

I am making a submission regarding: The Social Security (Benefit Categories and Work Focus) Amendment Bill 2012.

I have concerns about a lot of the Bill, however my main concern is the forced child care from age 3.

My concerns stem from my time in MSD care as a child, and the reporting on ongoing abuse coming from MSD carers.
I was a ward of the state from the age of 12 (approx) until 16. One of my main carers during that time was John Alexander Lindsay of Gore, Southland. Me and others in Lindsay’s care were sexually abused and neglected. Lindsay had a carer’s license until 2003 when it was revoked. I understand he had been in the job many decades and the first complaint was made against him in 1980 for sexual abuse.
This is in the records of the subsequent MSD and New Zealand Police investigation. I personally made 3 complaints while living there and was told not to say bad things about people or I would be sued. I know of 2 others just in the time I was in Lindsay’s care that complained too and were told to not make a fuss or there would be no-where for them to live.
Lindsay was bought to trial 2012 and received a 9 year sentence for the abuse.
I hope you can understand why me and many other parents will not leave our children in strangers care. The thought of making a choice between leaving my children with strangers or being homeless by ‘benefit sanctions’ makes me feel physically ill.

I have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from the abuse. The new Bill has made the PTSD much worse lately.

The 20 free child care hours subsidy is fantastic for those who chose to use it. But forced day care is not what is best for ALL of our children.

Thank you for your time.