September 21, 2023

Children’s best interests would NOT be served by compulsory attendance at E.C. E. facilities


I OPPOSE Social Security (Benefit Categories and Work Focus) Amendment Bill


I have a Diploma in  Early Childhood Education. As a registered teacher I taught in kindergarten’s and a variety of childcare settings. I have also worked with children with special needs in E.C.E settings and in their homes.

I then home educated our own children, one of whom could only achieve his best potential at home, due to his dyslexia, dyspraxia and Asperger challenges.

I strongly oppose this amendment because having worked with these large numbers of children and families in EC.E. settings and participated with a variety of families in home education groups ( with their preschool children attending or involved) I have seen many children who’s best interests would NOT be served by compulsory attendance at E.C. E. facilities.

ALL parents (without discrimination)  must maintain their basic parental right to choose what is the best setting for their children to develop, learn and have their emotional and health and safety needs met. Many parents know being home with them gives their young children the best opportunities for their wellness and development.

The best staff, the best ratio, the best building & the best programme still does not make it the right environment for many children, at such a young age.

Studies reported prominently in the media recently conclude that there are no adverse affects on young children. However, there are also well accepted studies (referred to in E.C.E. training ) that are showing us that the noise level and level of activity is having detrimental effects on many children.

Although teachers attempt to implement best practice to try and mitigate these effects, many young children simply require a more quiet, secure, ordered space in which to learn and grow. Simply-for many children their needs will always be best met at home, with their family.

ALL parents (without discrimination) should also have the ability to apply for an exemption from school for their child. Many parents know that their particular child’s development and welfare is best nurtured at home, we should not take away their ability to make that descion.

To conclude, I reiterate- many children’s best interests would NOT be served by compulsory attendance at E.C. E. facilities. New Zealand should not take away the freedom of a loving  parent to be with their own, young children.