October 2, 2023

Don’t want our rights to raise our children taken from us

I am making a submission regarding: The Social Security (Benefit Categories and Work Focus) Amendment Bill 2012.

I have many concerns about aspects of the Bill, however my main concern is the forced child care from age 3. I am a homeschooling mother with six children, ranging in ages from 3-17 years. We are a very close family and would find it very difficult to be forced to send our 3 year old out of the home into child care.

Our 3 year old loves being at home with her sibilings. We teach her all the things that any 3 year old needs to know. Educationally, she knows all the basics and we as parents are totally committed to seeing her reach her full potenial. I believe that making her leave us for 15 hours a week would be very traumatic for her and would be damaging to her socially, mentally and emotionally.

The free child care should be a choice that we have a right to choose, not something that is forced upon us; we should be able to care for our own children as we see fit. As caring parents, we don’t  want our rights to raise our children taken from us. We do the absolute best we can for our children and love and care for them more than any childcare worker ever could.

Thank you for your time,

Charleen Seiuli