September 22, 2023

I feel my own family will suffer majorly if this Bill was to pass.

Date 18 October 2012




Government Administration Committee

Parliament Buildings




Social Security (Benefit Categories and Work Focus) Amendment Bill



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I OPPOSE the Social Security (Benefit Categories and Work Focus) Amendment Bill


As a solo mother of 2 daughters aged 6 and 4 I am confident this bill is a breach of my human rights. I do believe if you are able to work you should be able to do so. In my case I am unabe to do so while receiving the Domestic Purposes Benefit. I feel my own family will suffer majorly if this Bill was to pass. I live 20 kilometres from the nearest City/Town/Primary School. I have been Home Educating my daughters for over 1 year now. I am Home Educating while receiving the DPB and am not in a position to send my kids to a public/state school. I personally prefer to Home Educate but I also currently maintain the right due to our distance and unsafe geographical location. I am unable to find suitable part-time work based on how much time we spend on our Education daily and religious beliefs are also a contributing factor. Please say no to this Bill. Allow every parent to have their free choice whether or not their child shall attend a ECE or have Tamariki Ora checks. I personally have had my children immunised up until my own personal research of the immunisation observations/content (ingredients) since Home Educating. I also oppose this. My 2 children attended an ECE for 2 years and I can say all they learnt was isolation and behavioural issues (being in a abusive relationship with their father also contributed to this) If it was not for the DPB we would have nothing and probablly living on the street (Well CYFS would have the children before that could happen) But this is what I do not want to happen. Please say No to this Bill – It would mean taking people’s rights away. My children did not choose for their fathers (they have different fathers) to leave them. I hope after the second reading of this bill I as a solo mother will have that choice of having this career choice of Home Educating my own children, ensuring their health/medical needs are met (without the use of immunisations) and to obviously give them the best start in life: A Excellent Education. I understand that Home Education is not for everyone but for us – Our Family has never been closer, and is now healthier and growing more steadily mentally and physically. Home Education has proven to be so beneficial for both the parent and the child/ren. There have been numerous studies and surveys etc that have shown fantastic results for Home Educating families. The results are easy to find and made available all over the internet and in books, magazines etc. We benefit so much so that the children ask me for more work/activities even after a entire days school work. I want to have the right to teach my children at home where all the learning started anyway. I bought my 2 daughters into this world and I want to teach them right from wrong. I want them to have the best in life and I also want them to take their education far into their lives. Full, rich and Hopeful. Follow their dreams. Freedom, Rights. Fairness for all. We must stand up for our rights. How can a solo parent succeed? With the right discipline by caring and loving their children – This is the most success I have had – Home Educating – Having the choice to Home Educate while on the DPB. This should be a personal choice and not taken away. Please say no to this bill for the sake of the futures of our children.