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Home School Support Teacher, Arnhem Land


Home School Support Teacher, Arnhem Land

Published on Friday, 12 September 2014 08:08

photo 1025 20120409-850x429MAF I Asia Pacific is seeking a person who will be responsible for partnering with parents to create and implement pre-school and school aged curriculum. This person will be able to assess and teach a wide age group of children

This person must have a primary school teaching level qualification from a recognised training provider. Experience in good communication, a flair for organising group activities and a willingness to travel between remote communities is also a minimum requirement of this role.

  • 1 position in Arnhem Land, Australia


From the Smiths:


Updated 1 October 2014:  Three years on (Craig Smith’s Health) page 7 click here


Needing help for your home schooling journey:



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This link is motivational: http://hef.org.nz/2012/home-schooling-what-is-it-all-about/

Exemption Form online: http://hef.org.nz/2012/home-schooling-exemption-form-now-online/

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Beneficiaries: http://hef.org.nz/2013/where-to-for-beneficiary-families-now-that-the-social-security-benefit-categories-and-work-focus-amendment-bill-has-passed-its-third-reading/


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Entrusted With Arrows: Entrepreneurial Homeschool Fathers

Entrusted With Arrows highlights the efforts of a few Christian men who take extreme measures to directly train up their children in the way they should go. They do this by not only educating them at home, but by developing businesses which allow them to be with their children on a regular basis, living side by side with them, following the commands of Deuteronomy 6.


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