Mind Your Brain tour – Auckland: 12 & 13 March 2010

Mind Your Brain tour – 12 & 13 March 2010

“Mind Your Brain” tour


Terry Small

Terry Small a.k.a. “The Brain Man” http://www.terrysmall.com is a sought after International conference speaker who will leave you astounded at the wonders of the human brain while giving you practical tips to help your brain work more efficiently. We are thrilled to have Terry as our Keynote speaker.


Friday 12th & Saturday 13th March, 2010

Manukau City Baptist Church, 9 Lambie Drive, Manukau City

Registrations: firelight.events@gmail.com

Phone: (09) 269 3532


Also attending the Mind Your Brain conference are:

Graham  Braddock

Talented NZ artist and art workshop coordinator

Sylvia Bowden


Author of the book “How to Stop Your Kids from Going Broke”


The Balzat Family in Concert!


We are thrilled that this amazingly talented family are joining us on Friday night for a very special  performance.

The Balzats are family of 9 from Albany who have been playing together for a long time. With a combination of 4 violins, 2 guitars, keyboard, flute, drums and a cello they have a varied repertoire of contemporary Celtic tunes, Bluegrass pieces as well as their growing number of original compositions. They have toured the USA and played in many local festivals, clubs, restaurants, schools, and private functions. As well as producing a DVD and a CD, they have appeared on TV One’s “Good Morning” show.

Search for them on YouTube and you’ll see what we mean!


A children’s programme is available for Ages 5-12 year olds

(see details further down)


  • Although held in a church auditorium, this conference is not specifically from a Christian perspective so anyone is welcome to attend.
  • Barista coffee will be available for purchase on the day. Tea and “standard” coffee will be provided.
  • A lunch pack is available for $7 which contains: a deli roll, yoghurt and seasonal fruit. Please indicate in registration form below how many lunches you require. There are a multitude of eateries and a supermarket within a short distance of the venue.
  • Breastfed babies are welcome but please make alternative arrangements for your other children or book them into our children’s programme
  • Carparking available onsite
Friday 12 March

Venue opens for registrations and evening programme.

6.30pm Balzat family concert

Keynote Address with Terry Small:

Brain Boosting Secrets: 16 Things Everyone Must Know About the Brain
An excellent family evening for 10yrs and up! (10 & 11 year olds may attend free)
90% of what we know about the brain has been learned in the last 2 years and yet most people never think much about their brains. Brain dysfunction is the #1 reason people fail work, school, and relationships. When your brain works right, you work right. When you look after your brain, the results are amazing. This session will give you the tools to boost your brain power, Improve your thinking, and improve your health. It is based on the latest cutting-edge neuroscience research.
You will learn: * the #1 job of your brain * how to eat right, to think right * the #1 food for your brain (you probably don’t eat this right now) * how to improve your reading skills * how to improve your memory * how to outwit Alzheimer’s disease * the 3 things every brain must have and much more!
Brain Boosting Secrets is packed with tips, stories, ideas, and strategies to help you improve your greatest asset…your brain.

9.00pm Light Supper
Saturday 13th March
8.15am Venue Opens for registration and resource viewing

Keynote address with Terry Small: Engaging the brain part 1

Have you ever taught something only to discover that it just did not “stick” in the minds of your students? Research has a great deal to say about the brain and learning! It is possible to easily help students learn faster and remember more… and have more fun. You will learn many practical tips and strategies that you can use immediately.

You will learn and discover: * how the brain processes information * the best way for students to take notes * why state and strategy are just as important as content * the top 10 Brain-Learning Principles * what students report is the #1 Study Technique * how music affects learning * how to boost attention * how to increase the capacity of one’s memory and much, much more!

This workshop is divided into two lively, humorous, and interactive sessions. You will leave with new knowledge and many eye-opening ideas that will make this year different.

10.30am Morning Tea

Keynote address with Terry Small: “Studying with the Brain in Mind ”
You can make this your child’s best year ever in school! What does it take to be a superior student? The most important secret is a great study strategy! Terry Small’s student success system shows your kids how to take charge of their time and succeed! Discover the 33 secrets of smart students. This student success system shows you how to study smarter, not harder. This exciting, funny, live seminar will keep you laughing and learning!
You will learn how to: * Study more efficiently, in less time * Ace exams! * Take great notes * Improve your memory * Tackle your textbooks with confidence * Use the #1 Study Technique in the world and much more…
This program is based on the latest research on the brain and learning, not opinion and is proven to work! Clear easy to use ideas.




Breakout Sessions

Session A “Laughing Matters” with Terry Small
Learning increases with laughter! Brain research has a great deal to say about the role of humour in learning.
The benefits include: * increased flow of brain neuro-transmitters * increased attention levels * greater rapport * lower physical and mental stress * increased retention * enhanced self-esteem * increased optimism * greater creativity * increased divergent thinking * and many others!
In this highly entertaining seminar, many practical ideas will be presented. You will learn how to use humour and laughter to promote better, faster learning!

Session B “How to Stop Your Kids Going Broke” with Sylvia Bowden (parents and teens)
Sylvia is a life coach, budget advisor and author who speaks around the country to families on money matters. She is a guest speaker for Parents Inc. Entry to Sylvia’s seminar costs $15 but participants get a copy of her book which is in full colour – retail value $24.95. Sylvia strongly suggests that parents and teens attend this session together for maximum value. Please note that only one lot of $15 is payable per family. For subsequent family members, this session is free. Limited numbers so book early to avoid disappointment.


C) How to Draw Really Well art workshop with Graham Braddock (parents of 5-12 year olds)
Graham Braddock is well known for his beautiful paintings, art prints and inspirational art seminars so we are very privileged to have him take this session for adults. Graham is well known in homeschooling circles for the art workshops he has done over many years. Graham will demonstrate techniques to bring the best out in your kids as well as give many tips and tricks. A great opportunity to learn from an artist of this calibre.
NB Graham is also doing an art workshop during the children’s programme!
3pm Afternoon Tea

Keynote address: “Engaging the Brain Part 2”

5pm Conference concludes

A children’s programme will be provided for 5-12 year olds which consists of two half day sessions. The first session runs from 9am-12.30pm and consists of general activities and an art workshop with Graham Braddock . The second session runs from 1.30pm-5pm and includes games, sports and a family friendly DVD to round out the day. The fee is $12 for BOTH sessions. Morning and afternoon tea will be provided durinng the programme but children need to be closely supervised during the lunch hour. There are many food outlets, shops and a park nearby. Very limited numbers so be in quick!

Registrations for the Children’s Programme are now being taken.

Places are strictly limited.

Breastfed babies are welcome but please make your own arrangements for any other children not attending the children’s programme.

Teens must be registered and attend the workshops.


Manukau City Baptist Church,
9 Lambie Drive, Manukau


or ph (09) 09 278 9664 (evenings only please)

Directions from the Southern Motorway

Take the Manuaku off-ramp. Turn right into Great South Road. Turn Left into Cavendish Drive and right into Lambie Drive.

The church is on the left hand side of the road (just past Faith City.)There is parking for 170 cars on the church property and plenty of parking on the street.

Registration: http://www.learnex.co.nz/Editable/conference/MindYourBrainAuckland.shtml

The “Mind Your Brain ” Tour is brought to you in association with:

Tisa - Growth Through Learning

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