March 3, 2015

Geography Books—21/7/09

For Sale:   Geography Books

Prices reflect the state of the book. Lower prices means the book is old or book worn etc. Please ask if you would like to know more about any one book. Or email me your phone number and I can give you a ring to discuss any book you might be interested in. (We are on a flat rate so phone calls don’t cost us anything.)

1.  **GEOGRAPHY AND GEOGRAPHERS**   Anglo-American Human Geography since 1945 R J Johnston. In the last few decades human geography has expanded greatly and the variety of work undertaken makes it difficult for the individual student to provide his own conspectus of current practice. Most students reading for a degree or similar qualification are required to pay some attention to their chosen discipline’s academic history and this book provides a matrix for organizing the individual parts – rather than a series of slots into which they can be placed later. It is thus designed for students already familiar with the concepts and language of human geography. As well as describing the changed contents of Anglo-American human geography Professor Johnston provides insights into the nature and provenance of these changes, illuminating why certain things were said and done by a particular person in a particular place, and how changes in attitudes to philosophical and methodological topics came about.Less than A5 size 232 pages Soft cover $8.00

2.  **FORM 5 GEOGRAPHY** New Prescription A E Broad ESA Book   Less than A5 size 152 pages Soft cover $5.00

3.  **PERIGLACIAL GEOMORPHOLOGY**  Clifford Embleon & Cuchlaine AM KIng.   Larger  than A5 size 203 pages Soft cover $8.00

4.  **HUMAN GEOGRAPHY**  Culture, Society and Space. H J Blij, Alexander B Murphy. Student Companion inclueds Study Guide by Becker and Becker, Take Note! Art Notebook,  Virtual Field Guide by Gripshover and Miller, plus website access card. TheCompain you need to succeed in your Human Geography Course! You’ll find all the material you need to secceed in this course included with your copy of HUMAN GEOGRAPHY, 6/e. This student Companion comes with every copy of the text and contains 3 valuable tools to guide you through the semester and get the best grade possible! *1The study Guide — You’ll be able to better prepare for upcoming exams with this helpful guide. Inside, you’ll find a combination of true/false,  multiple-choice, and conceptual questions that test your understanding of the material. 2. Take Note! — this convenient notebook includes a collection of figures and tables based on the overheads and slides provided to your instructor, plus a variety of base maps. During the class, you’ll be able to take notes