February 27, 2015

Sporting Books—updated 27/6/09


Prices reflect the state of the book. Lower prices means the book is old or book worn etc. Please ask if you would like to know more about any one book. Or email me hef.barbara@gmail.com your phone number and I can give you a ring to discuss any book you might be interested in. (We are on a flat rate so phone calls don’t cost us anything.)

1.  RADIO NEW ZEALAND SPORTS ANNUAL1982, Editor Ron Findlay $1.00 The Radio New Zealand Sports Annual records a full year of excitment and of considerable success by this country’s sportsmen and women. Radio New Zealand has drawn on its experienced commentators as well as on other notable sports writers, to review the year’s sporting highlights at home and abroad. This is no dull recital of facts and statistics. Instead, there are personalities, sound assessments and provocative comments  – from the performance of the World Cup soccer squad to the women’s World Cup softball victory, the success of the cricketers, and the All Blacks win over Australia. Included in the broad survey is an overview of the Commonwealth Games, a look at the success of New Zealand horses in Australia, a discussion with the coach of the victorious rowing eight  – and much more. This lively, well-illustrated annual will appeal to all New Zealanders interested in the sporting scene. 3/4 of A4 size book 143 pages $1.00

2.  FOOTBALL SKILLS Editor Clive Gifford $5.00 The essential guide to technique, training and tactics. From referees and warm-ups to spectacular saves and accurate penalties,Football skills is an inspirational manual that will help young players of all levels reach their full potential. Key rules and skills are explained in clear terms by an expert author. Step-by-step digital illustrations demonstrate how to control the ball, pass, tackle, cross, volley and shoot, while tip boxes offer handy hits to improve skill. With action-packed photographs of soccer superstar, plus a glossary and weblinks, this book is essential for anyone aiming to become a better player of ‘the beautiful game”…   Slighly larger than A5 size book 48 pages $5.00.

3. ORIENTEERING by b.m. henley $5.00 Produced in colaboration with the S.O.A.. Orienteering is an outdoor activity suitable for all members of the family, giving them the opportunity to test their map-reading skills while exploring beautiful countryside in a competitive situation. The sport has enjoyed a great increase in popularity since its introduction into Britain from Scandinavia in 1962. This book by Martin Henley, produced in colaboration with the Scottish Orienteering Association is fully illustrated with photographs, maps and diagrams. Introduces the sport essentially to the young beginner and covers in considerable detail all the skills desirable in a good orienteer from taking a compass bearing and route-finding, to the organisation of a competition. It goes a long way to explain why this sport has so many devotees. 3/4 of A4 size book 119 pages $5.00

4. IAN BOTHAM SPORTS ANNUAL $2.00 The contents are: Fitness is the key; Early days; Play hard – but play fair; The big decision; Ian the footballer; Football favourites; Picture Quiz; Practical Joker; five Great all-rounders; Funny Faces; Ian the Golfer; Britain’s golden trio,;Blood, sweat, tears…..Gold!; ‘True or false?; Ian’s the tops!; More Football favourites; Boyhood idols; This is your life!; Life down under; Scoring can be fun; Ian’s top twelve; Nicknames Quiz; Pal Viv; Menace and mystery; Memorable “firsts”; Sporting Favourites; Ian the Aviataor; Fly a jumbo!; A day with the arrows; Sporting crossword; Goin’ fishing; More sporting favourites; Brave stars of racing;  Pal Tony aims for the top; Ian’s American picture album; Meet the fans; Camels and cars; The Bionic Man; All the answers.3/4 of A4 size book 60 pages $2.00

6. TACKLE GOLF John Stobbs $1.00 Here is a book about golf quite out of the usual run. It is written by an amateur, with the amateur’s approach to the game, but also from the experience and knowledge of a professinal gold writer; John Stobbs is a former Golf correspondent of “The Observer”. He sets out to analyse the game, the things that go wrong, and the main secrets of success and enjoyment. for beginners, and young players particularly, there is also much valuable practical information, plus chapters on watching professional tournments, on the tactics of stroke and matchplay, and on psychology, temperament and recovery play. The book does not attempt to replace individual progessional tuition. On the contrary, the author believes that the wise golfer takes lessons; the aim here is to help him to help himself afterwards, and also to outline the theory of the game, both technical and practical, as it afects the week-end golfer. Smaller than A5 size 128 pages $1.00

7. PICCADILLY WORLD OF GOLF 1974-75 Edited and Compiles by Gold World. $2.00 Contributors: Iain Crawford, David Davies, Peter Dobereinner, Bob Ferrier, George Houghton, John Jacobs, Henry Longhurst, John Stobbs, Michael Williams, Michael Stephenson, Larry Sheehan, Al Laney, Dave Stockton. They have contributed features, teaching, humour, and pen portraits of 100 of the leading players in the fastest growing sport in the world. Almost A4 size 224 pages $2.00

8. PICCADILLY WORLD OF GOLF 1975-76 Edited and Compiles by Keith Mackie $2.00 Contributors: Iain Crawford, David Davies, Peter Dobereinner, George Houghton, Percy Huggins, John Jacobs, Raymond Jacobs, Henry Longhurst, Keith Mackie, Michael Stevenson, Jack Wood, Ben Wright. Photography by Frank Gardiner. They have contributed features, teaching, humour.  Almost A4 size 224 pages $2.00

9. BLAKE’S ODYSSEY The Round the World race with Ceramco New Zealand. Peter Blame and Alan Sefton $10.00. Peter Blame is one of those sportsmen, like Sir Edmund Hillary, who have become a legend in thier own time. His ocean-racing esperience has become extraordinary, but nithing he has done has paralleled the amazing feats of seamanship he achieved in the 1981-82 Whitbread Round the World Race, in whihc he skippered the all-Kiwi thoroughbred, Ceramco. BLAKE’S ODYSSEY is the fasinating and often hilarious eccount of this breathtaking race. Slilghtly smaller than A4 book 198 pages $10.00

11. GARY PLAYER’S GOLF SECETS $1.00 Here is a gold mine of winning tips from a famous golfing champion….professional secrets that can turn beginners into veterans, and Class A golfers into Championship Flight tournament players. Player explains in clear text and demonstrates through photograph. Just under A 5 size 125 pages $1.00

12. JACK NICKLAUS’ PLAYING LESSONS Great golf instruction in full color – Over 500 individual tips!  bu Jack Nicklaus with Ken Bowden Illustrated by Jim McQueen.$2.00 Superb instruction in simple lesson form from the greatest golfer of all time! “Ball-striking and strategy obviously intertwine, so there is a good deal in the Playing Lessons about swing technique, especially as it relates to special shots and recovery play. The substance of the book is about self-management, aboaut strategy and tactics — the ultimate keys to scoring at golf. Just under A4 size 143 pages $2.00

13. THE FUNDAMENTALS OF LAWN BOWLS By Albert Newton $2.00 The ability to play a game well is one thing; the ability to pass on the skill to a lesser player is another. Albert Newton, one of the great orthodox stylists of the game of bowls has the capacity, in an unusual degree, to do both. As winner of the Australian Singles Championship in 1957-58 and other high-ranking events, his position as a player is unquestioned, and as a coach and teacher his services are constantly in demand. In this book, Fundamentals of Lawn Bowls, Albert Newton deals with all the important aspects of the game-equipment, the different shoes, the play of the varoious members of the team, tactics and other factors whch make bowls one of the most skilful and fascinating of pastimes. Written in simple language and illustrated with photographs, lne drawing, and diagrams, Fundamentals of Lawn Bowls will prove an invaluable guide to all bowlers who which to improve their game. About A5 size 127 pages $2.00

14. SPECIAL PHYSICAL EDUCATION Adapted, Corrective, Developmental Hollis F. Fait, Ph.D. Fourth Edition $8.00 Contents: FUNDAMENTALS: Historical Background; Developmental Patterns; Motor Learning and Perception; Understanding the Handicapped; ORGANIZING AND CONDUCTING THE PROGRAM; Organization and administration of Special physical education; teaching special physical education; evaluation; assistive devices; CONDITIONS RESULTING IN ENERVATED AND IMPAIRED MOVEMENT: Orthopedic handicaps; cerebral palsy; disorders resulting in muscular weakness;Sensory impairments; cardiopathic conditions; respiratory disorders; Nutritional Disturbances; Other conditions requiring special consideration in physical education ; mental retardation; learning disabilities (verbal and non-verbal);Behavioral disorders; ACTIVITIES AND PROGRAMS: Basic Skill (Low organized) Games; Rhythms and dance; individual lifetime sports; dual lifetime sports; team games; swimming; weight training; physical fitness; posture and body awareness; relaxation;outdoor education and camping; activities index; subject index.  Just under A4 size 414  Hard cover pages $8.00

15.  MEASUREMENT IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION Donald K Mathews D.P.Ed Fourth Edition $8.00 Approach to measurement and evaluation: Why measure?; How measurement appleis to the Program; History of measurement; summary and conclusions; Test selection; Analysis of test scores; measuring strength; motor fitness tests; general motor ability; sports skill testing; cardiovascular tests; Nutritional measurement and sonmatotype;evaluation of body mechanics; evaluation of social develoopment; sports knowledge tests;marking in physical education; etc Just larger than A4 size 467 pages Hard cover $8.00

16. YOU CAN BE A GYMNAST with Avril Lennox soft cover $2.00 Join the thirilling world of modern gymnastics with Avril Lennox, MBE, former British Gymnasatics Champoin and now coach to the British Gymnastics team. Slightly smaller than A5 143 pages  Soft cover $2.00

17.  SPORT PAST-into-PRESENT Series by David and Pamela Kennedy $8.00 Contents: Medieval sports and pastimes; Recreations and the Tudors and Stuarts; Georgian Sportsmen; Corruption in Regency Sports; Victorian Football and Rugby; The Emergence of Modern Sports 1840-90; Edwardian Sport: the Golden Age?; Professionalism and Mass Entertainment; Sport for All.  Slightly smaller than A4 size 95 pages Hard cover $8.00

18.    DENIS COMPTON’S TEST DIARY 1964 with illustrations $2.00 The volatile Denis Compton gives us his day-to-day journal of the hard-fought 1964 England v Australia test series. Not so long ago, he was out htere in the middle himself, combating the fiery bowling of Lindwall and Miller. Now a BBC TV Commentator and Sunday Express cricket columnist, he knows TEST cricket from the spectator’s angle too.  About A 5 size 120 pages Hard cover $2.00.

19.  NEW ZEALAND CRICKETERS by R T Brittenden $1.00 Hard cover About A5 size 180 pages $1.00

20. TESTING THE WICKET FROM TRENT BRIDGES TO LORD’S By Jim Fairbrother and Reginald Moore $8.00 Partly autobiographical and partly instructional, Jim Fairbrother’s book begins with a test match at Lord’s where until his recent retiremnet, he was in charge of the ground staff.  Principally this is a book intended to be a basic guide to the preparation of wickets on which good attacking cricket can be played and Jim Fairbrother gives hints on seeding a turfing, cutting and rolling, and includes a month-by-month schedule for the amateur.  About A5 size 144 pages Harc cover $8.00

21.OSBOURNE SPORTSGUIDES —-  SOCCER  —-  Skills, Tricks and Tactics by Simon Inglis Edited by Susan Meredith $8.00 Contents: Basic Soccer skills; Into attack; Scoring; Winning the ball; Defending; Goalkeeping; Taactics; Teamwork; Super skills; Soccer laws; Improve your soccer; Training tand fitness; SKills to spot Soccer Competitions; Index.  Soccer is the first title in this exiting new sports series, which is aimed at both spectators and players. Action-packed picture strips, explaining the skills, tricks and tactics used by top-class soccer players, will help you get the maximum enjoyment out of watching skilled players in action. At the same time, you will pick up masses of tips and hints for improving your own game. There are ideas for things to practise throughtout the book, a special section on games you can play without a full team and some fitness routines, based on those used by the progessionals, for you to try. Useful picture sequences will make it easier to identify the feats that skilled players accomplish at lightning speed during a match. You can also use the book to check up on the laws of soccer to find out how the major international competitions are organized and how leagues are run. Nearly A4 size 32 pages soft cover $8.00

22.  THE METHODS OF GOLF’s MASTERS How they played and what you can learn from them by Dick Aultman and Ken Bowden illustrated by Anthony Ravielli and with an introduction by Herbert Warren Wind $3.00
Contents: Harry Vardon; Walter Hagen; Gene Sarazen; Bobby Jones; Henry Cotton; Byron Nelson; Sam Snead; Ben Hogan; Bobby Locke; Cary Middlecoff; Peter Thomson; Arnold Palmer; Billy Casper; Gary Player; Lee Trevino; Jack Nicklaus; Bibliography. About A4 size 191 pages Harc cover $3.00

23. THE GAMES Pride and Drama of New Zealanders at Olympic and Commonwealth Games by Ron Palenski and Terry Maddaford $10.00 This is in a sense a travel book. It seeks to take the reader on a journey through New Zealand’s sporting past, present and future, indicating milestones along the way. There are those whose names stand in NZ History on the highest pedestals — Jack Lovelock, Yvette Williams, Peter Snell and John Walker. In THE GAMES, the authors relive the moments of drama, the moments of triumph, the moments of sadness, the moments with which every New Zealander lives every two years. Lavishly illustrateed with over 300 photographs, 16 pages in colour. Larger than A4 size 267 pages Hard Cover $10.00

Prices reflect the state of the book. Lower prices means the book is old or book worn etc. Please ask if you would like to know more about any one book. Or email me your phone number and I can give you a ring to discuss any book you might be interested in. (We are on a flat rate so phone calls don’t cost us anything.)

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