September 30, 2023

Book list 24 – updated 30/03/15

For Sale:   Books,  DVDs,  CDs, Tapes, Videos, Magazines etc:

Every day there are fresh books being added here.

As books sell they are being taken off the lists,  so all books listed are still available.

Some books Ex Red Cross book Fair and ex library books

Mostly books are $1.00. Smallest order that I will post will be $5.00 plus postage. Can join lists together. Please state which list book comes from

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If you see a ? by the title of a book it means it is in the process of being sold.

Name                Author                    ISBN                   Publisher

Forever Wandering Ellen Roberts None Oswald Sealy
Any old Dollars, Mister Norman B Harvey None Paul’s Book Arcade
Means of Escape Spencer Dunmore 432-03504-4 Peter Davies
A Dissolving Dream Heather Benson 0-908912-58-7 Bridget Williams Books
The Bafut Beagles Gerald Durrell None The Reprint Society
The Great Victorians (1+2) HJ Massingham & Hugh Massingham None Penguin Books
The Defeat of John Hawkins Rayner Unwin None George Allen and Unwin
Treasure under the Sea Various People None Harr Wagner
A Change of Heart $5.00 Claire Sylvia with William Novak 0-316-88348-4 Little, Brown & Company
Kidnapped RL Stevenson 0-333-03232-2 MacMillan
Kidnapped RL Stevenson 0-679-85091-0 Random House
New Zealand Records Patricia Dunmore 0-908564-08-2 Dunmore
A New Geometry Clement V Durell None Bell
The Plague Dogs Richard Adams 0-14-00.5000-0 Penguin


We have boxes and boxes of second hand books here to sell and give away.

More books here:

Will work out postage when you let me know what you would like. Please mention which list the books you want come from – thanks