July 30, 2016

True Beauty: Cultivating Christ-Centered Father-Daughter Relationships (8 CDs)


True Beauty: Cultivating Christ-Centered Father-Daughter Relationships (8 CDs)

Format: Audio CD (475 minutes)


God’s Word speaks volumes to the relationship between fathers and daughters. One of his most sacred duties is her protection and preservation from childhood to virtuous womanhood. In these powerful messages given at the 2008 Father and Daughter Discipleship Retreat, speakers Doug Phillips, Scott Brown, Geoffrey Botkin and daughters Anna Sophia and Elizabeth Botkin illustrate elements of this important priority as they explore such topics as how to build the father-daughter bond, true feminine beauty, the Proverbs 31 woman, how to transition from beautiful girlhood to noble womanhood, and how to prepare daughters for marriage. Other highlights include a look at examples of godly, dominion-oriented womanhood from the young pioneer girls of the nineteenth century, as well as the special importance of the thirteenth year in a girl’s life.

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Issacharian Daughters #084 – Wedding Ceremony Part 2

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Dear Girls,

Welcome to all of you who have subscribed to the Issacharian Daughters newsletter over the past few weeks. It is wonderful to have you join us!

To give a little bit of history: I began the newsletter late in 2006 at the encouragement of my parents, Craig and Barbara Smith, and under their oversight. At the time, I was living with my family, helping my father in his ministry, assisting my mother in the home, preparing for marriage, working to strengthen my family and disciple my siblings and build relationships with younger girls in my church. My desire with the newsletter was to provide encouragement and exhortation to young ladies at home and even to provide an opportunity for the young ladies who receive the newsletter to get to know one another through the introductions they would share. You will find many introductions online at http://www.issacharian.com and are also welcome to email an introduction to me to email out with the newsletter.

In July 2007 I entered into a courtship with a young man by the name of Peter de Deugd. You can read about this courtship online on the Issacharian website in one of the past newsletters. We married in February 2008. Just before the wedding I put the newsletter on hold while I settled into married life. When I commenced sending it out again about a month ago it was with a report about married life and an announcement of a wee blessing on his (or her!) way!

I was requested to do a series of newsletters focusing on my wedding. You said you were interested in what we did and how we did it and why we decided to do it that way. Well, thank you for this interest! This series on the wedding has started already. The next one is here in a pdf. Click on this link: id084-wedding-ceremony-part-2 And the series will continue for a little while still. While these newsletters do tell you about the wedding, I hope to also weave in other topics of interest such as modesty, Titus 2 relationships with younger girls, the blessing of sisters and more.

Thank you to those who wrote to me about the Abortion Law Reform Bill 2008 which was due to be voted on by the Victorian Parliament here in Australia during the past week. It was voted on and did pass. This means that it is now possible for women to abort their children here in Victoria, Australia from conception to birth. At a time like this I’m reminded of something a wise man once said to me, “A nation can be blessed, even when atheists are leading it, if the remnant is faithful.” May we remember this and seek diligently to be faithful to all that God requires of us.

Warm regards,

Genevieve de Deugd

Website: http://www.issacharian.com

Archived newsletters: www.issacharian.com/?page=daughters
or here: http://hef.org.nz/category/issacharian-daughters/ 


Name: Samantha LaGoy

Message: Dear Genevieve,

Thank you so much for your site! I too have a similar site where I also try to encourage single girls. I came home just this past year, although I guess the world would have considered me “already home.” I had a home based sewing business, and was sewing just about full time. It started out as a ministry, but soon took over my life. I soon found myself getting very independent, not able to care for my family or further my father’s vision because I was so caught up in my “own” vision. You know, so often Christian singles think that they are “safe” with doing a home business, but you know Genevieve, you can end up with the same problem as if you were out there in the work force. Your focus soon leaves the role that God gave you as a helpmeet, furthering your man’s (whether your father or husband’s) vision. You can get into the same pit fall of becoming independent…you have your own money, you have “your” schedule to meet etc. Especially since coming from a large family (I am the third oldest of 15…I’m 24) there is just so much that we are supposed to be doing that we just can’t do if doing something like this on the side. As I have told so many girls, if you can do everything that God has called you to do as a daughter and still do something on the side, be my guest, but you have to make sure that you can fulfill both roles. And for me this was impossible and before I even realized what was happening, I realized that I was drifting far from where God wanted me to be. I had left home, although in person I was still home. It so hurt to hear my little siblings running up to me and asking me “Samantha, can you come and play with us?” or “Can you come read to us?” or even “Can’t you leave your work for just a few minutes and come swim with us? You never have time for us anymore.” Oh, how that hurt and drove the point that God was trying to drive home, home. It was true. I was busy off doing my own thing. But I realized then that what I had so wanted to become, I was far from becoming. This was my preparation ground and a time that I would only get once, and yet I was wasting this precious time that God had given me. This precious task of singlehood that God blesses us with is a time that only we can meet. There are things that God wants, no needs, us to do, that if we are busy doing something else, we are neglecting these very things. Yet, these are things that only WE can do! Ah, yes, singlehood can be such a blessing if spent in the way that God has ordained it to be spent.

I want to tell you what a joy your site has been to me, especially in light of your age when you married. Sometime it can become so discouraging, especially when people look at you and ask how old you are and then add the “And you aren’t married yet?!” at the end. =) I had always wanted a large family, so seeing myself hitting my mid-twenties was kind of hard, yet at the same time, I am so at peace about waiting for God’s chosen one! I have loved my single years of being able to serve others, and the way I look at it, it is God Who has chosen how many children I will be blessed with, and that number won’t change just because I am getting older. I have really had to surrender that to Him over the years. Yes, I would love a large family. I love my family more than anything. But you know Genevieve, God may only bless me with 1, 2 or 3 children, and He also may choose to withhold children from me and either way, whether it is 25 or none, I have to learn to be content wherever He has me, however many children He chooses to bless me with. I would much prefer to wait until I am in my thirties or forties before getting married if it means being in the center of God’s will! It is so worth the wait…and because I am in my mid-twenties, I have been able to also encourage so many other girls through this time, like you have also been able to encourage me on. I can’t tell you how many of our friends have gone into the world simply because they turned 18 and had no man attracted to them! It is SO sad! It is not us who bring or attract a man, it is God bringing a man to us in HIS timing and we cannot simply stop serving Him because it didn’t happen when we had wanted it to. And Genevieve, how can anyone think that a man, an earthly man, will make them content? If they are not already content in Christ, how can they possibly think that just by marrying a man, that they will all of a sudden be “content”? It just won’t happen, even if we marry the best of men. No earthly man will ever be able to meet each and every need and desire that we have. God and God alone will be the only person who will be able to do this. They aren’t perfect, just like we aren’t perfect. This is one reason I felt so led to start my site, Virtuous Daughter’s, as I just saw so many of our younger friends falling for the world’s passions and desires. I saw so many girls just so down and discouraged. If there is even only one girl that God will use my site to encourage her, it will have made it so worth it.

God bless and may God continue to richly bless you as you strive to become the helpmeet to your dear husband and may He be with you and your precious little one and bring this dear little one safely into your arms in the appointed time!

In Christ,


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HPV Immunisation Programme – Guinea Pigs or Sheep

Guinea Pigs or Sheep
The Government’s Ministry of Health sees all our daughters as either guinea pigs on which to perform a massive, nation-wide experiment or as sheep who need to be sloshed through the dip or hit with the ol’ drench gun whether they need it or not…just in case.

It’s all in a good cause, of course. They want all parents to make an informed consent about subjecting their daughters (aged 12 to 18) to a series of three injections over a six-month period of Gardasil® vaccine to hopefully reduce the incidence of cervical cancer. Cervical cancer is not nice. It usually leads to death, but it may only mean sterility and/or disfigurement if caught in time. It is caused by some types, not all types, of the human papillomavirus (HPV).

So the schools are going to give these jabs to the girls for free, older girls starting this month, and they’ll target the 12-year-olds starting in 2009. The drug is licensed for girls aged as young as 9 and as old as 26, but if you’re not in year 8 or have already left school, too bad…you’ll have to pay for it yourself at $450 for the course of three.1

How does one get this HPV anyway? Sexual intercourse.

The comprehensive condom education in schools in not enough. That is because condoms provide little protection against HPV, and HPV infection is the most common STD. So the friendly makers of Gardasil® have struck a deal with the Ministry of Health, to sell them…I mean, to provide millions of doses of this potentially life-saving drug. Granted, it only protects against the two HPV types that cause 7 out of 10 cervical cancers,2 but at a cost of only $16 million a year, it seems a bargain. And it will certainly keep the friendly folks at Gardasil® happy.

How bad is this problem? About 200 women a year develop cervical cancer in NZ at present and around 70 die from it per year. The vaccine should reduce the death rate to 30 a year. The Ministry of Health’s National Screening Unit (NSU)1 says the following factors increase the risk of getting cervical cancer:
* having first sexual encounter at an early age
* having more than one sexual partner: increased incidence of the cancer is proportionally linked to an increase in the number or partners;
* having a partner who has HPV, was sexually active at a young age or who has had more than one sexual partner.

The NSU says other factors linked to getting cervical cancer include:
* smoking
* the use of oral contraceptives
* a weakened immune system.

Now, the material sent to me by the Ministry of Health, in order to recruit my help in getting home educators into this vaccination programme, does not mention any of these risk factors. Actually, it said virtually nothing of any use at all.

The Ministry of Health website to which I was referred2 does say that the vaccination may only last for five years, but with near-universal vaccinations through the schools’ guinea pigs, they may find it gives longer-lasting protection. The NSU website,1 however, says it may take as long as 20 years for an HPV infection to turn cancerous. It also says that women who have never been sexually active hardly ever develop cervical cancer and that very few women with HPV actually develop the cancer. In addition, getting a tri-annual cervical smear test will eliminate the risk of developing the cancer by 90%. Both sources said that women should continue to get smear tests regardless of whether they ever got the vaccine or not.

After reading all of that unpleasant stuff, I concluded the vaccine was of very little practical value, even if you do accept the flawed and (to many) the outrageous assumption that most teenaged girls are sexually promiscuous. The programme is obviously quite a gold mine to the makers of Gardasil® and keeps a lot of people in the MoH, the MoE, the Office of the Ombudsman and the Privacy Commission all happily busy spending our tax dollars. I have declined getting involved with the programme.

2.http://www.moh.govt.nz/moh.nsf/indexmh/immunisationdeseasesand vaccines-hpv-programme-questions#cause

From: TEACH Bulletin, September 2008, Number 125, P O Box 9064, Palmerston North

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Issacharian Daughters #080 – Exhorted into Marriage – Part Two

Dear Girls,

The next newsletter is here: id080-exhorted-into-marriage-part-two1.
Warm regards,
Introductions and Messages:
Name: Rebecca Papavgeris
Introduction: I am a young homeschooling mother of currently two
blessings (Timothy and Abigail). My husband and I live in Gunning
(near Canberra and Yass), and have attended Westminster
Presbyterian Church for almost two years now. My husband and I
are first generation Christians who were saved as teenagers, and
attended a pentecostal church for the first 6 years of our marriage.
The Lord was always leading us and growing us, and when we
decided to homeschool he led us to a lovely group of homeschoolers
in Yass who changed our lives. These families were unlike anything
we had ever seen. The Lord led us to wonderful sites where we could
order good teaching (such as Vision Forum, and I have previously
order from you when you were in New Zealand). The Lord kept
patiently teaching us (and He still is), and led us to change churches.
We still have so much to learn, but the Lord is ever patient with us.
Thank you for the wonderful work that you do.

Name: Marilyn Case
Introduction: Hello I am a woman of 52 years old and am very
interested in getting this vision out to daughters of today, to follow
God's command of staying at home till they are married. It is
something God has been burdening my heart with greatly.

Name: Marcie Pennington
Introduction: Hello, I am a wife of 19 years, mother of two sons,
Joel Aaron (15 yrs) and Adam Caleb (14 yrs).  We currently live
in Redmond, Washington due to my husband, Phillip’s, job. Our
homeschooling journey is wonderful and rewarding. I LOVE
being a full time wife and mother and thank God everyday for the

Name: Ashleigh Hanssen
Introduction: I am 23 years old. I have one younger brother (21)
and one younger sister (16). I have lived at home all but five months
when I homeschooled three missionary children in Russia. My
parents and I are missionaries in Italy currently ministering to
American military. 

Website: http://www.issacharian.com,
Archived newsletters: http://www.issacharian.com/?page=daughters
or http://hef.org.nz/category/issacharian-daughters/
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Issacharian Daughters #079 – Exhorted Into Marriage

Dear Girls,

Here is the next newsletter id079-exhorted-into-marriage.

Warm regards,


Introductions and Messages

Name: Candace

Message : Dearest Genevieve, I just read your article of your God-written love story in “SALT” magazine a few days ago. It couldn’t have been more timely. I am 27 years old, soon to be 28. I’ve been on one date in my teenage years. I’ve “never been kissed” and have waited for God’s choice for a husband. My situation is a bit different in that my parents did not share my convictions. I am an only child and went to public school, although God protected me tremendously. I hope to home-school my full quiver of children some day if God allows me to marry and bear children. God placed these “strange” and “peculiar” convictions of not dating, not even getting emotionally attached to a boy or young man when I was still quite young and I had to walk the road alone much of the way, with extended family shaking their heads in disgust and my parents going along with it, but not truly understanding it all. God has blessed me with an accountability couple who share my convictions. I still live at home and try to serve my parents. My dad has Alzheimer\’s and needs a good deal of care. This walk has been hard at times w/ little support, but I am certain it is the path God has placed my feet upon. When my love story unfolds, surely God will get every inch of glory because I’ve not had a father to seek or pursue a godly relationship on my behalf. My trust is in God alone, as I honor my parents the best way I can. I want to thank you for sharing your story. It was a great blessing to me. I also have a small newsletter especially for Christian, single young ladies who are waiting on God for a husband. It is called “Watching for the Morning”. It is a free, non-profit publication. Thank you for your time in reading this. Congratulations on the fulfilling of God’s dream in your life!


Dear young ladies, serving the Lord with joy and patience,

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