Getting Started – Socialisation

What about the social training? How can a child schooled at home all the time “fit in” with the rest of society? Will they have any friends?The Socialisation Question is often uppermost in people’s minds.Homeschoolers themselves and researchers both in NZ and overseas, regard “socialisation” as a non-issue among home-educated children. They consistently demonstrate superior socialisation skills and have as many friends as the next child and are far less likely to knuckle under to peer group pressure in order to gain acceptance.

Children do not need other children to teach them how to be children.
They need warm, responsive and responsible adults to teach and model proper social graces.

Generally speaking, it is in the area of socialisation that home educated youngsters excel most clearly, for they are able to fit in comfortably with a wider age range and are not dependent upon nor intimidated by their peer group.In short, it is simply a myth that children need large amounts of time with other children in order to be socially well adjusted, secure and self-confident.

What about sports, drama and other group activities?
Often local schools will be happy to accept homeschoolers onto sports teams, or to be part of a drama production.
There are also plenty of out-of- school sports and social clubs looking for members. Local homeschooling support groups often provide these kinds of activities, too.

Hear, my son, your father’s instruction, and reject not your mother’s teaching. — Proverbs 1:8