October 2, 2023

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Home Schooling to Be Legalized in Year 2010


Home Schooling to Be Legalized in Year 2010

By Kim Tae-jong
Staff Reporter

In 2010, a test system for home schooling will be introduced prior to its official launch in 2015. The system will allow parents to teach their children at home without sending them to school. Scholastic credits will be given to children if they pass the appropriate exams.

The plan was contained in a mid-and long-term education reform plan the Presidential Committee on Education Innovation unveiled Thursday.

The committee also proposed changing the current academic year system at elementary, middle and high schools by 2015 at the earliest.

“The report is the second of its kind following the one in 1995. It will serve as a roadmap for educational policies for the current and next administration,” said Jeong Hong-seop, chairpman of the committee. It will be finalized after a public hearing next month.

According to the plan, elementary and middle schools can integrate school grades, which allows students from different grades to take the same classes together.

At high schools, the current school year system will be completely abolished and students can choose school subjects and take courses suitable for them as university students do.

The plan also includes the regular renewal of a teacher’s certification, which aims to improve the quality of teachers. Teachers who fail to pass a renewal test will lose their position.

Current teachers colleges and colleges of education will be abolished and a graduate school will open to those with bachelors degrees, the committee also proposed.

Other plans include; offering study time up to one year to teachers to help them offer better education to their students; the establishment of English-only schools; and a Korean language teacher certificate for foreigners.