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Monday, 26 November 2007

Dear Girls,

Boutique Narelle

Guest newsletter by Narelle Worboys.

Are you frustrated with current fashions?

Is it hard to find appropriate clothes to wear?

Do modern trends defy your efforts to appear modest and feminine yet stylish?

In this publication we introduce the concept of an internet helpline to answer your questions, give you ideas, and provide solutions to the important question of what to wear!


An Internet Helpline and Resource for Modelling Modesty

Modest femininity doesn’t mean you have to dress like a frump, hiding all your curves. The curves are part of your femininity. Our Creator doesn’t require a burqa mentality in order to glorify Him with your body.

Recognizing this, Narelle Worboys set out to construct a wardrobe for herself that was elegant and simple, with flowing lines and pleasing form that wouldn’t date. In her journey toward modest elegance, she learned secrets that have made her clothes more attractive whilst retaining the comfort factor. Realizing that she could shorten this journey for others, the concept of Boutique Narelle was born. The online beginnings can be seen at

Discovering Boutique Narelle to be a vision with wonderful scope, Genevieve Smith and B’Ethel Williams formed a founding committee with Narelle. We hope you will be as excited as we are at the possibilities. These include:

* A reference resource of web links, books, and articles on topics such as modesty, sewing, and fashion.

* NewCreations: a regionally indexed list of seamstresses and others with fashion skills whose services are available for hire. Advertising through Boutique Narelle will draw a 5% commission from your sales which will go toward funding the website. If you have fashion skills and would like to operate a business from home but maybe don’t have the technical expertise or finances to create your own website, here’s your chance to get started. Boutique Narelle aims to encourage entrepreneurs with a desire to clothe women appropriate to their faith and figure.

* Sewing Tips: illustrated articles on garment construction and reconstruction.

* Closet Tips: articles and photographs providing ideas for your wardrobe appropriate to your figure.

* Shopping Tips: seasonal fashion review and store assessment.

* Social Tips: articles exploring what it means to be modest and feminine, dressing to blend in whilst glorifying God, being stylish rather than trendy or modish.

* Mirror Stop: a personal elegance checklist.

* Seasonal Secrets: summer or winter, drip or dry, there are ways to improve the comfort, practicality, and elegance of your clothing.

* Encouraging production of modest swimwear and bridal and maternity clothing.

* Art of Appearance: networking people who can help; girls with skills in clothing and other aspects of a girl’s appearance (i.e. figure, hairstyles, makeup) who are willing to share their knowledge on a one-to-one basis or in a group situation.

* Catalyst for group activities such as mall or Save Mart shopping ventures, fashion-to-figure wardrobe planning parties, design competitions and model makeover shoots (with rewards donated by stores who support our project), workshops in pattern drafting, sewing, and hair and makeup, seminars on modesty and deportment ??

There are a number of excellent American websites that cater for parts of this vision, but we believe a centralized bureau with a focus on making these services accessible to Australians and New Zealanders will be of particular benefit.

We will not endeavour on this website to set out rules of must-do’s and shalt-not’s, but rather to stimulate your awareness of how your appearance gives either a negative or positive testimony to the Lord Jesus Christ and to assist you in modelling modesty in every situation of your daily life, allowing you, no matter what religious slant you hold, to find something at Boutique Narelle which you can use to enhance your dressing experience.

Boutique Narelle offers an opportunity for Christian young ladies who desire involvement in a ministry. Here is a list of current service vacancies.

Miss Photographer

Narelle requires a photographer to record the illustrative portion of her articles.This will include live models and still photography of dressmaker mannequins.She wants someone who is passionate about photographing modesty and elegance in fashion. Creative instinct and an ability to work in with the director is a must.Digital camera and tripod can be provided.You must be able to work in Dannevirke, New Zealand on the days agreed upon.

Miss Stage Technician

The above photographer will need an assistant who can set up and monitor backdrops, lighting, and props.Some knowledge of photography and lighting would be helpful.An eye for detail and an ability to work in with the director is a must.You must be able to work in Dannevirke, New Zealand on the days agreed upon.

Miss Graphic Designer

Boutique Narelle requires an artist to design a stylized label, logo, and colour palette for Boutique Narelle. A portfolio of ideas can be provided.

Miss Web Designer

Boutique Narelle requires a web designer to set up a website which will have:

* a simple, uncluttered style

* an easy-to-navigate format

* a site map

* a search feature

* a large number of quality photographs

* facility for technically-unskilled staff to upload updates and new material

* possibly a forum or blog open to public comment

Miss Encyclopedia of Web Links

Follow web links specific to BN-related topics such as modesty and sewing.Create a reference resource of these links providing a brief review of pros/cons and significant content.

Miss Encyclopedia of Written Resources

Compile a reference resource of books and articles on BN-related topics. Write a brief review of pros/cons and significant content, and give details on where to access the material.

Miss Network

Compile an index of contacts/people involved in the Boutique Narelle project and keep it up-to-date.This person may possibly become the point of first contact for people visiting the website and asking for information.

Misses Fashion Vista

Boutique Narelle requires ladies with knowledge of current fashions who will enjoy browsing well-known clothing stores and writing up the availability and use of garments for modest ladies.There will be room for these individuals to negotiate with stores regarding photographic illustrations and advertising.

Mrs Business Advisor

Boutique Narelle requires an older woman with business experience who can advise on personnel management, product development, financial hazards (this item particularly), and general administration.

If you are interested in any of these positions, send your résumé to telling us what you have to offer and why you want to be involved. Please include at least two character references, one of which should be from someone who is not a relative. Make sure you pray about it first!

If you would like to be part of the NewCreations index or Art of Appearance network, send your details to

We believe a foundation of prayer will be advantageous as we embark on this innovative project. If you’re excited about the Boutique Narelle concept and want to see it succeed, why don’t you place it on your prayer list?

If you have any comments or suggestions, please do email us at


Pardon this dropping

Of awail of despair,

For I did go shopping


But there was nothing there

That covered and enhanced me.

Hitched to here and plunged to there,

Stretching tight most everywhere.

I like to think it’s not just pink

That flatters curves and straights of mine

And provesin truth I’mfeminine.

I can be pretty, I can be smart,

When I learn the ancient,gentle art

Of beauty, elegance, and charm,

A woman’s strength, a woman’sbalm,

The Gilead river that flows supine

From the modest lassy’sChrist-owned heart.

So I’ll start on a separate, sweeterline,

A clothing quest for a modesty nest

To inspire, equip, and beautify.

Let’s make a start to mine the Art??

Boutique Narelle has much to impart!

WHO IS NARELLE?Narelle (pronounced nah-REL) was born to David and Isabel Worboys in 1976 and lives with them in Dannevirke, New Zealand. The only child remaining at home, Narelle is the second of six who were all educated using the Accelerated Christian Education program. The family began homeschooling when Narelle was eight. Her father David founded and directed New Zealand Christian Academy, a homeschooling branch of A.C.E., for twenty years, recently retiring from education and devoting his time to multiple community service endeavours.

Narelle has had a chronic illness since she was nineteen, a condition which severely limits her physical activity and social life. Despite this, Narelle is amazed at what the Lord has done in and through her. She has continued to educate herself in a variety of subjects, including music, creative writing, film media, and how a needle, thread, scissors, two hands, and an active mind can work together productively. Fascinated by fashion and design, she loves playing with colour, shape, and texture, often worked out in little things like drawing detailed floral vignettes with coloured pencils and creating beautiful greeting cards from paper and ribbon.

She is a published novelist, playwright, poet, and photographer. In 2006 she founded Script Haven, a library of scripts and tips for students and parents/teachers preparing for A.C.E. Student Conventions. Also in 2006, she participated in??The Way of the Master ?? eight-week training course and discovered the ease and excitement of witnessing to non-believers the way Jesus did.

In 2007 she achieved her dream to sing again (after not doing so for many years), making her public debut as a soloist at the Dannevirke Town Hall. She’s eager for opportunities to minister with her music. Between July and October 07 she accompanied her father to local churches and clubs giving presentations about Operation Christmas Child, a mission she has embraced with a passion.

Her Mum is the woman she most admires in the world, her sisters are her best friends, she likes to sing very loud when there’s nobody to be disturbed, and chocolate éclairs (with real chocolate) are her favourite celebration food. She loves telling stories, she recently discovered she can cook, and she gets a big kick out of making people laugh. She knows a lot about waiting, having a heart full of big dreams accompanied by the knowledge that if these are entrusted to the Creator’s hands, they will come to pass in a way more beautiful than she could ever engineer.

Her prayer since the age of eighteen has been that the Lord will use her to transform young lives, that He would make her humble that she might communicate the quality of life that is consistent with the work of the Holy Spirit.

For more details about Narelle’s projects visit And to see the beginnings of Boutique Narelle visit

For the Greater Glory of God through our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ,

Genevieve SmithIssacharian Daughter

Notes:I have sent this email to girls who have embraced a vision of victorious daughterhood as well as those who may be thinking about doing so (and even to some girls who may just like some encouragement regarding different areas of home life). Some of the girls are in the USA, UK, Australia and other parts of the world. Most are in New Zealand. You are welcome to forward this email on to others so long as you do so in its entirety. If you do not want to receive these emails please just send a return email to me stating that fact. If you know of other girls who would be encouraged by receiving these emails, feel free to forward the email to them or send me their email address. Locations of visitors to this page