Links describing a terrible situation in California

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Here are some links describing a terrible situation in California: a three-judge appeals court has ruled that parents in that State do not have a California State Constitutional right to home educate. Since 1953 when the state’s compulsory school attendance law was last challenged, parents have been able to home school by declaring themselves to be a private school or by studying at home under the supervision of a private school. So these judges have simply decided this should no longer be allowed.


A Similar ruling given here would cause the NZ Correspondence School to shut down, for it would not allow non- state-credentialed parents to teach children.


 The ruling goes against many previous State Supreme Courts and US Supreme Court Decisions.


 So how can these judges do this and not just accept the previous rulings?  Because we now have judges who are activists, social engineers who have realised they can personally make radical changes in society by by-passing the normal democratic process, ignoring the voters, and just declaring , “What used to be OK is now illegal.  


Our MPs here in NZ are getting really good at this…ignoring what the majority clearly wants, they have created this monster called civil unions, they have decriminalised prostitution and they have criminalized parents who dare to correct their own children. They are turning NZ upside down: where it used to be the prostitutes and homosexuals who had to operate underground, now it is parents who have to go underground. 


It means that if we ever become a Republic, we need to be VERY, VERY careful who writes the constitution, for they will certainly give heaps of rights and freedoms to some and deny heaps of freedoms to others BASED ON SOME PHILOSOPHY. What will that philosophy be? I sure do not want Sue Bradford or Cindy Kiro or Helen Clark writing the constitution.,2933,335808,00.html

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