Making a Garden Time Capsule

Making a Garden Time Capsule
Don’t you love looking through old photos and stuff you wrote ages
ago? It’s really funny to see how much you’ve changed. Have you ever
considered making a time capsule for your own garden? Imagine the
fun of digging it up in 10 or 20 years time – or if you forget all
about it, some day someone else will find it and treat it as real
buried treasure! You can do it all by yourself or get the whole
family involved.

You will need: A tall glass coffee jar with a screw top lid & lots
of imagination.

What to Do:
1. Wash the jar out with hot water and let it drain upside down on a
wire rack for several days (or put in oven just after you have turned it off to dry quickly). Wash the lid too and let it drain as  well. They must both be perfectly dry inside.
2. In selecting the things to go into your capsule, pretend that it
is going to be opened by someone you don’t know many years from now.
(It won’t matter if you open it yourself instead!)

Things you might include:

photos of yourself and your family (put names on the back)
a photo of the house
a photo of the garden
some information about yourself, the rest of the family and the
information about your pets and maybe a drawing of them
a description of the colour scheme of the house and maybe a floor
a list of plants growing in the garden and a plan of the garden
a recent nursery catalogue
the front page of the newspaper


3. To put the material into the jar, put it all together on to the
largest sheet of paper and roll it into a cylinder. Slip it into the
jar and it will unroll. Put the lid on very, very firmly.
4. Choose a place to bury the bottle. You will need a deep hole in a
spot where the jar is unlikely to be broken by a fork or spade.
Beside a fence, in a rockery or near the trunk of a big tree are