Plea for the return of German homeschoolers to their parents

For those following the cases of German homeschoolers, here is your
opportunity to add your name to the cause of the Gorber children.

Six were snatched in an armed offenders style raid at the beginning of the
year and have spent 6+ months in state custody.

The 3 year old boy was finally allowed home a few weeks ago.

The children have asked for as many people as possible to support them by
signing the plea for their return, because they have asked and asked until
they are blue in the face and the authorities are not listening to them.

Thank you!

6 thoughts on “Plea for the return of German homeschoolers to their parents

  1. These children should be returned to their parents. You are wrong and most people living in the free world cannot understand how you sleep at night. For once, do the right thing. Do to others as you would have done to you …

  2. It is an international disgrace what is happening with German homeschooling families. Let those Gorber children go back to their parents! I will avoid entering your country and will discourage anyone else from even visiting.

  3. I would like to join so many other people in pleading to the German government to return the homeschooled children to their parents. Please think of what is best for the children – to be torn from your family is such a trauma for children. I beg you to soften your hearts towards these children and don’t punish the children for what the parents have done.

  4. This is outright “kidnapping” by bullies who call themselves “authorities”.

    What a crime that is being committed to this family, and it is the government that is “victimizing” the children, NOT the parents.

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