From our World winning Home Schooling Free Range Robotics team

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From the Free Range Robotics team’s blog:

Hi Everyone!Today was a very exciting day! We won all five of our matches, and we have one more tomorrow.

Free Range Robotics the Homeschool team, are coming first on the placing board! Laughing

Match one score was, 36 to 30, we had NO alliance partner , they did not show up at all!
Match two, 46 to 19, we also had no alliance partner again but managed to win convincingly.
Match three 37 to 24.
Match four, 40 to 36.
Match five, 44 to 21

We have our last qualifying match tomorrow which will be followed by the finals in the afternoon.

We also did the Drivers Challenge today, we scored well and are placed second.
We did the Programming Skills challenge as well, and we are coming second!

We were well supported during the matches by the togetherness of the New Zealand Teams, with lots of cheering, and enthusiasm from the Kiwis in the audience.

Lots of the other teams that are here are congratulating us on our performance so far.

Thanks for all your support!

Talk to you soon!