Let’s dispel some myths about home-schoolers

Let’s dispel some myths about home-schoolers


Monday, August 24, 2009
Huntsville Times

Almost every time I tell someone I’m home-schooled, I get the same response: “Do you do school in your pajamas”?

People seem to think home schooling is an easy way out of work. You stay up late, sleep in and never get any schoolwork done.

Not exactly.

I’m not allowed to stay up as late as I want. School still starts at 8 a.m. And no, I don’t wear pajamas all day. Not unless I want to get in trouble with my “teacher,” I mean Mom.

I have to try hard not to laugh when I’m told how easy school is because my mom is teaching. They assume she’s biased and always bumps up my grades. If my mom ever gave me a higher grade just because I’m her daughter, I’d say the world had gone wacko. She pushes me academically to help me be the most I can be.

Also, I don’t get sick days. Unless I’m physically incapable of reading or writing, I’m not allowed to skip school. I never get weather days, time off for swine flu or anything like that.

However, home-schoolers have flexible schedules. We don’t have to wait until school lets out to go on vacation. We can go places, such as Disney World, in the off-season without the worry of having to make up a bunch of work when we return.

I also get to make my own schedule, which is a big plus. If I feel like doing Spanish first that morning instead of English, I can. Class lasts only as long as it takes me to finish all my work.

I have a huge say in what I study. Instead of just picking between biology and chemistry, I get to help choose what program I’ll use. Trust me; I’ve been begging my mom for weeks to let me do virtual dissections as opposed to the real thing. In public schools, without a doubt I’d be stuck slicing up dead frogs.

Just to clear up another myth about home-schoolers, we aren’t anti-social weirdos. I used to be busier than some of my friends in public school.

Through all its ups and downs, I love home-schooling. I love the flexibility, the work and even my teacher. While it may not be for everyone, home-schooling is definitely for me.