Teacher stabbed at Auckland high school


Teacher stabbed at Auckland high school

Stuff.co.nz | Tuesday, 03 March 2009

An international student has been arrested after a teacher was stabbed in the back while writing on the classroom whiteboard at Auckland’s Avondale College.

The 50-year-old teacher – ‘Mr Warren’, according to information given to students – was taken to Auckland Hospital in a serious condition with wounds to the top of his back. The incident happened at 11.42am.

“A student stabbed a teacher in the back while he was writing on the whiteboard,” a police spokesman said. The student then “just walked off”.

A police statement said a 17-year-old international student was found at a Blockhouse Bay property about an hour after the stabbing and was arrested by police. An associate of the Korean teenager – who had only been at Avondale College for a couple of weeks – was also at the home and assisting police.

About 20 students were in the class at the time of the stabbing – the third period of the school day – and are receiving counselling.

One shocked student being propped up by her father was led from the school gates about an hour after the stabbing. Too upset to speak to media, she only nodded when asked if she’d seen the teacher be stabbed.

The classroom where the stabbing happened has been cordoned off.

College principal Brent Lewis said the school was now in “lockdown”. While the incident was very upsetting, he now had to concentrate on dealing with students and staff.

“My emotions don’t come into it at the moment.”

Mr Lewis said he had been trying to keep students fully informed about what had happened.

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2 thoughts on “Teacher stabbed at Auckland high school

  1. I went to Avondale College as a college student. Most staff was indifferent to their students of issues. There were no adult facilities. Where to have lunch? Where to get coffee? We were neglected and when I fought it was myself against most staff like a war and the treatment was abusive. I’m nearly 40. I’m surprised more incidents haven’t occurred of a school where they don’t care about their students. Of course before TV cameras come in, they present themselves and the students appropriately. By contrast, Kelston Girls was very much, we are here for the student as we have the parent to answer too. Avondale was more so, old school, rule by fear and take no notice of a child. Very opposing philosophies.

  2. It is not uncommon to have schoolteachers being very disciplinarian over others, while they behave immorally, irreligiously and unethically themselves. I was raised by school teachers and those of Avondale college where one teacher tried to sleep with my father who was married to my mother. Qualifications and age don’t make good ‘characters’, we only hope. I hate Avondale College.

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