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Thursday, November 4—“Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends”

Tired of the constant bickering but not exactly sure how to put a stop to it? Wondering if there’s hope that one day your children will actually enjoy one other? On Thursday, November 4 @ 9:00 p.m. ET, join Sarah, Stephen, and Grace Mally as they discuss how brothers and sisters can live together in unity. In “Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends,” this brother-sisters trio will share tools that have helped them overcome discord and tension, as well as their conviction that siblings should not just tolerate each other, but should find some of their closest friendships right at home! Register now >>

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In “A Passionate Pursuit of Excellence: Preparing for God’s Calling,” Mark Hamby, renowned speaker, family counselor, and president of Lamplighter Publishing, presents a biblical strategy that can help guide you and your children as you seek to live purposefully for God.

HSLDA Special Needs Coordinator Dianne Craft shares advice on how to instruct a child who learns visually in “Teaching the Right Brained Child, Part I” and “Teaching the Right Brained Child, Part II.” Learn how to tap into your child’s strengths in this two-part series.

“APPLES for the Teacher” is a special message from Davis Carman—husband, father, and owner of Apologia Educational Ministries—to homeschool dads. Encouraging fathers to remember the heavy burden their wives carry as moms and teachers, he offers ideas for how to say “thank you” and show support in practical ways.

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