September 25, 2023

Naturally Healthy Pregnancy by Shonda Parker

Naturally Healthy Pregnancy

Whole Health for Your Whole Pregnancy

by Shonda Parker

Written for the pregnant mom or maternity-care provider.


The Naturally Healthy Pregnancy

What you eat, your baby eats.

Your medicine becomes your baby’s medicine. Is it safe?

This book answers all your questions about nutritional and Herbal Medicine for the childbearing years

*Do you know how to eat to grow a healthy baby?

*Do you know which herbs are considered safe or contraindicated for pregnancy-related discomforts and illnesses contracted while pregnant?

*Do you know how to administer herbs, figure exact dosages, and determine lengths of treatment for effective self-care?

The Naturally Healthy Pregnancy

*Gives you the scoop on a healthy diet for pregnant women

* Tells you how your body changes during pregnancy

*Provides recommendations for Herbal medicine for the childbearing years based on years of research and clinical practice

*Shows you how to take charge of your health and the health of your baby

What people are saying about The Naturally Healthy Pregnancy

*”A wealth of information to guide the pregnant mum and her baby to good health”.  Michael T Murray N.D. Author of over 22 books on Natural Health Care

*The Naturally Healthy Pregnancy…fulfills a special need for pregnant women and their healthcare providers. I would highly recommend it. Let’s take care of God’s gift in our wombs by using God’s herbs and the wisdom He bestows upon us to use them properly. I found the book to ba a good balance of herbal and traditional medicine:. Veronica Wagner R.N. Certified nurse-midwife, of the DVD, “BIRTH”

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