“History Revealed” – a non-traditional curriculum


Here is a non-traditional curriculum:

Answers in Genesis has teamed up with Diana Waring, one of the most recognizable names in homeschooling, to bring you this unique and comprehensive world history curriculum—“History Revealed.” Whether you’re just beginning to teach history, or looking to move away from a curriculum that has zapped your children’s enthusiasm, this one will prove to you and your children that history is fun!


#1) You can download FREE samples of the audio CD’s & curriculum books at this website: http://www.dianawaring.com

#2) You can watch a FREE 15 minute online video which explains how this curriculum works at: http://www.historyrevealed.org

#3) Here is a wonderful, supportive yahoo group which Diana also belongs to. Those on the list are happy to answer questions and share experiences with all who are interested (including Diana): http://groups.yahoo.com/group/sharingdwaring/

#4) If you need a bit of encouragement or a boost in your homeschooling journey, you can listen to FREE hour-long interviews that Diana has done with notable homeschool experts: