Above Rubies Women’s Forums

Above Rubies Women’s Forums

Hi my name is Joe Goodale, webmaster for Above Rubies. On behalf of Above Rubies I’d like to invite you to join one of the 7 Forums available from Above Rubies.

The Above Rubies on-line forums are an extension of the Above Rubies magazine and ministry to families. It is a place for you to come and find strength and encouragement from one another, and to give help to one another.

We know that many of you have questions and are looking for help and encouragement. Our forums are not a place for debate, but a place to lovingly encourage, help, undergird, and pray for one another. Our hope is that you will be blessed.

You can get started by clicking here : http://bit.ly/WomensForums

Forums are currently available for the following titles:

·    The Power Of Motherhood
·    The Family Meal Table and Hospitality
·    Be Fruitful and Multiply
·    Gate-Keepers At Home
·    Above Rubies
·    Down-Under
·    United Kingdom

Please take a few minutes and read some of the descriptions of the forums available from Above Rubies:

Read forum descriptions: http://bit.ly/WomensForums

Come join the discussions going on right now. Go online by clicking on the following link to explore the Forum Section of the Above Rubies Website then click through to join the forums that interest you the most:




Joe Goodale

Webmaster, Above Rubies