Anger, Disrespect, and Communication—Wisdom for Tough Subjects

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Thursday, June 2, @ 9:00 p.m. (ET)—“Helping Your Wife Grow in Christ”

Lou Priolo
Lou Priolo

Have you and your wife been looking for a way to enrich your spiritual journey through marriage? Join biblical counselor Lou Priolo as he offers you advice from the Scriptures on how husbands can build up their wives in his e-vent “Helping Your Wife Grow in Christ” on Thursday, June 2 @ 9:00 p.m. Lou will help husbands overcome common obstacles in marriage and instead become nourishing providers for their wives’ spiritual life. Come and be blessed by this exclusive session! Register now >>

On Demand—“How to Avoid Provoking Your Children to Anger”

Does your child have a problem with anger? Do you feel like you’re at the end of your rope getting to the heart of the issue? In the on-demand e-vent “How to Avoid Provoking Your Children to Anger,” Lou Priolo gets under the surface of your child’s anger issues and helps identify the problems that may be triggering the attitude. Lou helps weary parents find hope and encouragement as he shows you how to walk your child through dealing with this challenge! Register now >>

On Demand—“A Crash Course in Biblical Communication”

Do you hear your children using language that reflects worldly leanings? Have cell phones and computers changed the way your kids communicate? Lou Priolo explains how God has put Christians in the “communication business” in the on-demand e-vent “A Crash Course in Biblical Communication.” Learn how you can help your children use language that glorifies Christ and encourages the people around them. God is passionate about the way His children use their words! Register now >>

On Demand—“Dealing with Disrespect”

Do you have problems with a son or daughter who talks back? Are you tired of the inevitable eye-roll from your teenager? Tackling disrespect in your child can be tricky, but Lou Priolo has answers in his on-demand e-vent “Dealing with Disrespect.” His tips will show you a godly and balanced approach to getting to your child’s heart and keeping tempers cool. Help your child overcome disrespect and learn how to glorify God instead! Register now >>

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