Christchurch Home Education Conference is still happening tomorrow


Tuesday 14 June, 2011

Conference Details

Venue has been checked after the two earthquakes today and it has been deemed safe. Erena and Jay have arrived safely in Christchurch this evening. So all is ready for the conference to begin on time tomorrow, Tuesday 14 June

Date: Tuesday 14th June, 2011

Venue: Bishopdale Reformed Church, 90 Highstead Road, Bishopdale

Contact & registrations: or Ph (03) 347 3119

Conference Programme

8.30am Venue Opens for registratons and resource viewing
9am Keynote Address with Jay WIle – “Recent News in Creation Science” 

The more we learn about nature, the more we see the scientific futility of evolutionary theory.  In this talk, Dr. Wile discusses some of the latest discoveries in science and how they affect the creation/evolution debate.  From soft tissue discovered in supposedly ancient fossils to the latest research in physiology, the most recent scientific advances support the case for creation and weaken the case for evolution.

This session is suitable for Adults and Teens

10.15am Morning Tea and vendors
10.45am Choose from:  

“Goodbye Chaos, Hello Peace” – Cynthia Hancox  

(Mums focus)


Let Cynthia share her tips for keeping on top of it all when it all seems to be on top of you !

“The Earth: Fearfully and Wonderfully Made” –  

Dr Jay Wile

(Teens focus)


Includes Q& A so your teens can ask all those burning questions

12.00pm Lunch – vendor stalls open 

Vendors: LearnEX , Lennie Harrison, CDs & DVDs, EuroGames

1.00pm Keynote Address with Jay Wile – “Ask the Beasts” 

In this seminar, Dr. Wile will talk about Job 12:7-10, which begins by commanding the reader to “Ask the beasts.” In his view, this Scripture is telling us that we must study nature to fully understand God. While God’s divine revelation (the Bible) is clearly more detailed and precise than His natural revelation (creation), both are necessary to have a full and complete understanding of God. He will give a bit of history to show you that this was the motivation for many of the great scientists of the past, and some great scientists of the present. He then draws from fields such as astronomy, microbiology, zoology, and botany to share at least a bit of what science tells us about God.

This session is suitable for Adults and Teens

2.15pm Workshops for Adults and Teens 

Choose from:

Food Intolerance, Learning and Behaviour Living Room Adventures
with Cynthia Hancox with Erena Fussell and Linda Gage
Food sensitivities are often not well understood, but can have a profound effect on mood, behaviour, learning and health. In this workshop, Cynthia shares some of her family’s journey in recognising and dealing with food intolerance. She will explain the 7 main food chemicals that can cause problems, and how to identify and overcome food intolerance. Cast aside the workbooks for an hour and join us on your own Learning Adventure. Discover the things that encourage real and lifelong learning which you can use to inspire your families right from your own living room! No previous experience required.
Does your Homeschooling Adventure Seem to be Failing? (Christian Focus) 7 Reasons Why the Bible Makes the IPOD Look Out of Date! (Teen focus)
with Lennie Harrison with Kris Baines
Don’t believe you’re alone! Most of us experience times of self-doubt or our circumstances convince us that we’re not making the grade. This can be a passing phase, but for some of us the phase seems to last too long. Come along and see whether a different view can refresh you or give you new courage and inspiration. With the increase in knowledge and technology, you would think that our world would have become a better place morally and ethically but sadly this is not the case. In this session Kris Baines will look at 7 reasons why young adults today can place their full trust and confidence in the Bible and what it has to say.
3.15pm Afternoon Tea – Vendor stalls open for browsing
3.45pm Keynote Address with Jay Wile – “Where are They Now?” 

Dr. Wile became involved in homeschooling because while he was teaching at the university level, his best students were homeschool graduates. Since then, he has expected homeschoolers to become the true leaders of their generation. To investigate whether or not his expectation is coming true, Dr. Wile tracked down several homeschooled students who are now adults and learned what they are doing. In this talk, Dr. Wile tells you what he learned. You will be amazed at what these young adults are doing and how they have already impacted the world. If you are wondering whether or not homeschool graduates can make a difference in the real world, you should definitely listen to this talk!

This session is suitable for Adults and Teens

5.00pm Relaxed BYO dinner, networking and Resource Viewing
7pm Evening Session Open to the Public 

“Creation vs Evolution: Religion vs Science or Religion vs Religion?” with Dr Jay Wile

In this seminar, Dr. Wile explores the complicated Creation Versus Evolution debate. He discusses Christian attempts to make the Genesis account compatible with the theory of evolution and shows how these attempts fail. He then proceeds to show that this is not at all a problem for someone who is both a Christian and a scientist. He discusses evolutionists attempts to explain away this data and how such attempts fail. Perhaps the most intriguing part of this seminar comes when Dr. Wile details some of the fantastic life forms on this planet whose existence can never be explained using the theory of evolution.

This session is suitable for all including the general public (i.e. not specifically for homeschoolers)

8.30pm Conference concludes


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