CIE Private Candidate Process for 2012 onwards

An email from Erena and Judith

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ACSNZ Proposal from 2012 for the Private Candidate Process

Hi Barbara

ACSNZ Proposal from 2012 is a file supplied by the Association of Cambridge Schools NZ (ACSNZ) which outlines the process for all Private Candidates sitting Cambridge Exams in 2012 and beyond. Feel free to put it on your website and anywhere else you think it needs to go.

It covers:

  • Background of the system as it has been in the past and the need for change
  • The areas where CIE exams can be sat
  • Subjects available to PCs with all the relevant paper codes for all three levels i.e. IGCSE, AS and A levels
  • The physical process involved in applying for, paying for and sitting exams
  • Rules of conduct

This information can now be circulated around to anyone you know who is planning on studying for Cambridge Exams over the next few years.

Thanks to Janine from the ACSNZ for all her work on this document and for listening to feedback from Home Educators. We are confident that this is a good standardised solution which covers a broad range of subjects and should ensure total, permanent and nationwide access to Cambridge Exams for home eduators.

Best regards,

Erena & Judith

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