Palmerston North: Science by Design Conference, Jay Wile – Tuesday 7th (Evening) & Wednesday 8th June

Science by Design Conference, Jay Wile –  Tuesday 7th (Evening) & Wednesday 8th June
Palmerston North
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Conference Programme


6pm Venue Opens for registrations and resource viewing – 

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7pm “Be Open Minded but Don’t Let Your Brain Fall Out” 

One of the most important steps in critical thinking is to look at all sides of an issue. It is very easy to get trapped by false ideas if you continue to look at an issue from only one side. At the same time, however, it can be uncomfortable (and sometimes dangerous) to read the viewpoints of those with whom we disagree. How does a Christian deal with this tension? Dr. Wile first discusses why it is so important to look at an issue from many different sides, and then he explains how to avoid the pitfalls that could result. Those who are interested in serious investigations of theological, scientific, or political issues should definitely hear this talk.

8pm Super Supper – vendor stalls open
8.30pm The Earth: Fearfully and Wonderfully Made” 

How does a poisonous gas make it possible for life to exist on earth? Why should we be reminded of God’s love for us every time we look at a compass? Because from the interior structure of the earth to its atmosphere, our planet has been designed by God so that it is the perfect place for us to live. In this talk, Dr. Wile discussed the various design features scientists find in the earth that make it very clear the earth was not the result of chance. This talk is a great way to finish our evening by marvelling at the intricacies of creation!

8.15am Venue Opens for registration and resource viewing
9am “Teaching Critical Thinking” 

One of the biggest failures of our public and private school systems is that they do not teach students how to think critically. In this seminar, Dr. Wile gives you specific suggestions as to how you can teach your child to think critically, regardless of the subject matter that the student is learning. You will learn how to help your student evaluate statements, look for hidden assumptions, find political/social agendas, and discover faulty logic. Although Dr. Wile’s area of interest is science, he will show you how critical thinking applies to all academic areas, as well as all facets of your life.

10.30am Morning Tea
11am “Ecohysteria” 

In this seminar, Dr. Wile discusses the facts related to the environmental debate that is currently raging in America. Because the hysteria related to global warming has become so rampant in the past few years, he spends most of his time on this hot-button issue. He discusses data related to global temperatures, climate models, glaciers, and polar bear populations to demonstrate that most of what you hear in regards to climate is simply not supported by science. In addition, he provides you with quotes from respected climatologists who are currently doing research in the field to show you that there is no scientific consensus on global warming. This is mostly due to our lack of understanding when it comes to very basic issues related to global climate. If you have been scared by what you have heard from the likes of Former Vice President Al Gore, you should definitely hear this talk!

12.30pm Lunch
1.30pm “What are they doing now?”  

Dr. Wile became involved in homeschooling because while he was teaching at the university level, his best students were homeschool graduates. Since then, he has expected homeschoolers to become the true leaders of their generation. To investigate whether or not his expectation is coming true, Dr. Wile tracked down several homeschooled students who are now adults and learned what they are doing. In this talk, Dr. Wile tells you what he learned. You will be amazed at what these young adults are doing and how they have already impacted the world. If you are wondering whether or not homeschool graduates can make a difference in the real world, you should definitely listen to this talk!

3pm Afternoon Tea
3.30pm “The Bible: A Great Source of Modern Science” 

In this lecture, Dr. Wile examines many of the rules and regulations found in the Old Testament and demonstrates how these rules are in perfect agreement with our most modern scientific knowledge. Dr. Wile shows how the rules regarding circumcision are based on medical knowledge that has only been uncovered within the last 30 years. He shows that the Bible knew about germs long before people know of them and that the Bible was the first document to contain modern ideas of sanitation. This lecture makes it clear that the Bible was NOT authored by men!

5.00pm Vendor stalls open for browsing
5.30pm Conference concludes

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Conference Details

Tuesday 7th (evening) & Wednesday 8th June, 2011

Reformed Church, 541 Ruahine Street,

Palmerston North

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Phone (06) 323 3499

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