October 3, 2023

Comment on post TVNZ: Goodbye Mr Smith

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TVNZ: Goodbye Mr Smith

Read this comment  Gregg Smith  says:

This is a serious problem in New Zealand public schools. After the show was aired, I received information from teachers all over New Zealand with similar experiences.

The problem is not limited to the schools: The support agencies (Ministry of Education, ERO, PPTA, Employment Relations Authority, Human Rights Commission) are also largely ineffective in dealing with the abuse going on in schools, This is true of abuse inflicted on TEACHERS, so I can easily imagine that students find themselves in a completely hopeless situation.

If you’d like more information, the entire horrific story is in my book: “Bring Me the Head of the NCEA!” http://www.veritasbooks.co.nz. You can order it on-line. It’s a description of how I tried to deal with the abuse and how I was unable to find any effective help in dealing with the organised student and parent campaign to drive me out of my job. That campaign succeeded and cost me my job and my teaching career.


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Updated 10 August 2012: Life for Those Left Behind (Craig Smith’s Health) page 6 click here


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