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Plan It, Pin It and Win It!

From Rainbow Resource Center, Inc

That’s right, we’re adding a splash of fun to your summer curriculum planning! We’ve heard customers raving about how they use Pinterest to help “pin down” their children’s curriculum for the coming year. They set up a pinboard for one child’s curriculum, then pin pictures of the items they plan to use. We’re taking this idea to the next level this month! Just set up a pinboard for one child’s potential curriculum for the year, select what you’d like to use, then email us at contests@rainbowresource.com with the link and a brief description of why you chose the curricula that you did. One lucky planner will actually win the curriculum that they chose up to $300! So, go ahead – plan it, pin it, email it and maybe you’ll win it!

*Contest ends 8/4/12 at midnight CST. Multiple entries are allowed, one per child/grade level. If customer has already purchased the items from Rainbow, they will receive a refund check for items purchased from us.


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